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Data Centre Sustainability Innovation Of The Year.
Entry Description
Data Centres represent an endurance test for building infrastructure, including the lighting. However, as 24/7 facilities, they are heavily reliant on long-lasting lighting. For these reasons, Zumtobel expanded its modular TECTON continuous-row lighting system to include IP64/IP54 protection. All sensitive joints are reliably sealed, opening additional areas for the use of TECTON.

Reasons for choosing TECTON for data centres:

Excellent sustainable lighting
Long lifetime. Maximum glare control. Carefully selected materials. The TECTON continuous-row luminaire combines excellent light output with high resilience with split-lens technology. The extremely high luminous efficacy helps save energy costs and creates the basis for successful environmental building certification. Zumtobel uses environmental product declarations (EPDs) to document the environmental impact of TECTON throughout its entire life cycle, including its CO2 balance and material composition.

Extremely high luminous efficacy helps save energy costs
95 % luminous efficacy even after 11 years, after 100 000 operating hours, the equivalent to around 11.4 years of continuous operation, luminous flux, and luminous efficacy on the TECTON C HE and HO luminaires fall by only 5 %.

Energy Management
High energy costs, negative CO2 balance: especially in industries with long operating and production times, energy management is an effective lever for operating successfully in both an economical and environmentally friendly manner. Whether motion and daylight sensors or lighting control systems with pre-defined switch-on times, the intelligent use of lighting management can help reduce power consumption by 20 to 40 %.

Highly secure manufacturing
Zumtobel is a single-source supplier that can evidence where its components have been sourced and offer complete transparency of its supply chain partners.
i.e., we are in complete control of our entire value chain.

The Group comprises three core brands - Tridonic, Thorn, and Zumtobel. Tridonic is a leading manufacturer of components and control gear used by various manufacturers worldwide due to its uncompromising reputation for product quality. Having a sister company that specialises in components and control gear certainly has its advantages since there is complete oversight on where componentry is sourced. Therefore, every individual product that makes up a TECTON system is carefully selected, tested, and secured using intelligent software and hardware protocols. When the manufacturer controls its supply chain, complete end-to-end traceability and accountability mitigate potential external threats.

Excellent product protection wherever you are in the building
All critical joints and connections of Zumtobel's TECTON IP64/IP54 lighting solutions are fitted with sealing components, creating comprehensive protection against dust and water splashes. The upper and lateral surfaces of the corrosion-resistant trunking are completely enclosed and smooth, so they do not provide any surface for dust or water to attack and are also easy to clean.

In the joint area between two support rails, a sealing sleeve prevents dirt and/or water from penetrating the rail interior. Foam seals inside the profiles of the luminaires and translucent sealing strips between the lens elements protect the LEDs from contamination. The foam beads blackened with soot on the outer profile wall ensure dust and a water-protected connection point between the continuous-row modules and the trunking.

The end caps of the continuous-row luminaires and modules are made of resistant plastic firmly bonded to a soft sealing lip. The elastic material of the lip ensures a tight connection between modules and cover strips. Laterally running TPE seals close the joint between rail and cover strip and ensure tight transitions and a clean appearance.

Future-proof thanks to modular, flexible concept
Each TECTON trunking has five mains' cables, two control cables, and two independent emergency lighting circuits. This means that general lighting and emergency lighting, and lighting controls can be seamlessly integrated into the overall system. All modules can be mounted on the trunking rail without tools. Thanks to a new locking mechanism with integrated sealing plugs, the luminaires, sensors, and emergency lighting modules can be securely fastened with a flick of the wrist via two lateral levers. Furthermore, it is easy to integrate IoT modules for extra building functions.

The TECTON continuous-row lighting system adapts quickly to changing requirements. This is ensured by the trunking rail with its 11-pole integrated current conducting section and a pre-mounted butt joint connector. This enables continuous current tapping along the entire length of the rail. The seals at the joints do not detract from the functionality of the track. The lighting components can be flexibly positioned, added to, or moved between two tracks.

A luminaire for every building area
With TECTON, all lighting requirements are satisfied from one range (emergency lighting, sensors, mounts additional industrial luminaires), simplifying the procurement and installation processes.

Continued support
Zumtobel Services provide support throughout the entire life cycle of the lighting solution.

Select a partner for sustainability

Sustainability and social responsibility are part of our company’s self-image. We are committed to the fundamental importance of the environment as the only habitat for our society, in which the economy plays an important part. Sustainable profitable growth and responsible actions have therefore been firmly anchored in the Zumtobel Group’s philosophy for many years.

With its commitment, the Group makes an active contribution to providing our generation and its descendants with a stable ecological, economic, and social framework.
As evidence of our commitment, we have recently been awarded a gold medal by the EcoVadis sustainability rating platform.

End of life
As a Recolight Member we offer our customers a Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Compliant way of disposing of products at end of usable life.
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