Iron Mountain Data Centers: Pushing the Envelope
Iron Mountain Data Centers
Outstanding Contribution to Sustainability and Efficiency Award
Entry Description
As the only global provider to use 100% renewables worldwide Iron Mountain Data Centers (IMDC) has now gone further than any other data center provider, committing to the pursuit of 100% clean energy use each hour of every day, constructing future facilities to BREEAM certification and joining the Climate Pledge and Carbon Neutral Data Center pact. 75% of our data center renewable power is now trackable hour-by-hour. We completed the global rollout of the ISO 50001 Energy Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management certifications, a first in the industry. We also spent $1 billion on a new Global IT Asset Lifecycle Management arm which could reduce both TCO and GHG impact (CO2e) by up to a quarter.

Apart from offering 100% renewable power, which we have done for five years, these achievements were made in the last year alone. They build on what has gone before. While some sustainability and efficiency achievements depend on location or new builds and technologies, we believe that consistent progress requires full integration across every aspect of the business from procurement and design to certification, cross-industry engagement and solutions offered. This demands proactive long-term planning. We believe that we have made outstanding and unique contributions to sustainability and efficiency, and we plan to make more.

Sustainability & Efficiency Timeline
Our path to sustainability began many years ago and we have plans in place covering the next few decades:

IMDC expanded its operations to offer a global data center service in 2017, but a great deal was achieved in sustainability and efficiency before this in regional facilities.

2007: Iron Mountain AMS-1 became the first carbon-neutral data center in the Netherlands

2010: First use of solar panels on an Iron Mountain facility

2011: First use of Indirect Adiabatic Free Cooling systems.

2017: Implementation of real-time PUE reporting using thousands of power monitors to drive the efficiency improvement cycle.

2017: IMDC guaranteed 100% renewable energy for all facilities worldwide through VPPAs and local green power programs. IMDC is still the only provider to offer this globally.

2017: Global commitment to IMDC reach a PUE of 1.2 or lower in all new builds.

2018: Iron Mountain joined the Future of Internet Power, a working group made up of 10 of the biggest cloud and internet users working to develop industry best practices for how companies should report offsite data center operations.

2018: Iron Mountain joined the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA). REBA works across customers, suppliers, and policymakers to identify barriers to buying renewable energy and develop solutions that meet growing demand

2019: Iron Mountain was awarded the EPA Green Power Leadership Award in North America and became a top 10 buyer of Renewable Energy on the EPA’s Green Power Partnership Top Tech and Telecom Green Power Users

2019: IMDC launched the industry’s first and simplest carbon-credit-sharing solution, the Green Power Pass (GPP). The first offering of its kind in the data center industry, GPP is a fully transparent solution for companies seeking to report greenhouse gas or CO2 reductions associated with the green power they consume with IMDC. An annual Certificate of Attestation validates that 100% of the power consumed at Iron Mountain is from qualifying renewable resources. Customer uptake of the solution continues to rise at around 30% year-on-year, and in 2021 GPP was applied by customers to over 42MW of power. The GPP model is also spreading: IMDC has offered free support for companies that are interested, and a number of competitors are now moving ahead with the model.

2019: IMDC deployed the largest rooftop solar installation of any data center in the USA. With over 18,000 solar modules and a 7.2 MW-rating, at its data center in Edison, New Jersey.

2020: Work began on the global rollout of leading environmental certifications for ISO 50001 Energy Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management certifications, a first in the industry. These standards, which were already in place for our EMEA facilities, ensure year-on-year efficiency gains and reduction in embodied and operational impact.

2021: ISO 50001 and ISO 14001 global roll-out completed.

2021: Iron Mountain become a signatory to The Climate Pledge and the Climate-Neutral Data Center Pact as part of a range of measurable commitments under the long-term strategy of Securing a Sustainable Future. One key commitment was that by 2025, IMDC plans to have all new construction of multi-tenant data center facilities certified to the BREEAM Green Building Standard.

2021: Iron Mountain committed just under a billion dollars to the purchase of ITRenew, a global leader in mission-critical data center lifecycle management solutions. ITRenew serves large multinationals and hyperscalers, which account for a growing proportion of global data center space. The new business arm - Global IT Asset Lifecycle Management - will focus on maximizing the lifetime value of data center servers through sustainable asset disposition, and encourage recycling, certifying and remarketing equipment. This will help the industry save money at the same time as achieving critical sustainability benefits. Adoption can lower TCO by 24% or more and decrease the GHG impact (measured in equivalent carbon dioxide, or CO2e) by over 24%.

2021: Iron Mountain expanded the scope of its sustainability commitments by committing to the pursuit of 100% clean energy use each hour of every day (24/7 clean energy). While there is a long way to go to achieve this objective, following an innovative agreement with ClearTrace, 75% of our data center renewable power is now trackable hour-by-hour.

We believe that, taken together with our longer-term commitments, the above achievements and innovations constitute outstanding and unique contributions to sustainability and efficiency - not just for Iron Mountain and its customers but for the industry as a whole.
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