OM4+ Fibre - Highest system performance of OM4 Fibre cable
Data Centre Physical Connectivity Innovation Of The Year
Entry Description
How Signature Core™ System Helps Solve DC Issues

Highest system performance possible — exceeding all other distance claims

DC layout may depend on the length of the fiber optic links
Signature Core™ expands layout options

Implement state-of-the-art DC architectures-
True top-of-rack fabric extenders using low cost optical modules
Modules only reach 100M without Signature Core™ limiting this architecture
Signature Core™ makes this implementation practical
Ability to add more connectivity--

Reduces capital expenditures
Able to use multimode fiber and optical modules rather than single mode
Savings thousands of dollars per link

Future proof-
Extra headroom allows migration to 40G/100G Ethernet and 16G/32G Fibre Channel