Kristian Todal, Site Manager at Lefdal Mine Datacenter
Lefdal Mine Datacenter AS
Data Centre Manager of the Year
Entry Description
Lefdal Mine Datacenter (LMD) was originally an olivine mine. The mineral extraction lasted for 40 years but ended in 2008 and left huge underground spaces available for reuse. Lefdal is located close to substantial volumes of hydro and wind power production and utilizes water from the cold fjord for cooling. Combined with various fiber routes makes LMD the perfect location for a sustainable, scalable, and secure datacenter. LMD is now running at 15 MW capacity with customers. Total capacity at the facility is 200 MW.

LMD Site Manager Kristian Todal started as Delivery Manager in 2018. His initial tasks were to handle all logistics and customer dialogue related to establishing capacity in LMD. He did an excellent job, and in parallel took a bachelor’s degree in Datacenter Operation with great academic results.
Kristian Todal has since 2020 been Site Manager, responsible for establishing a 24/7 Network Operation Team with dedicated and skilled personnel. LMD works closely with local and regional suppliers and Kristan has made an excellent performance in making this a part of LMD eco-systems working seamless with LMD own staff. Many of the components in our deliveries are standardized. Our part-owner, Rittal, is a preferred supplier of pre-fitted IT containers and turn-key data hall solutions. This secures consistency, short lead times and high quality in our customer solutions.
During the years Kristian Todal has been employed at LMD, we have got three ISO certifications: 9001, 14001 and 27001. In the annual recertifications the level of remarks and deviations have been insignificantly, which again proves the quality of the day-to-day work throughout the years. LMD measure customer satisfaction according to the ISO 9001 standard. Based on customer expectation we have identified and chosen characteristics to secure a valid measurement. Research is done with both qualitative and quantitative methods. The results of the analysis in the Report of Customer Satisfaction and possible recommendations that can help LMD to identify areas for improvement. The report also identifies possible causes that contribute to customer dissatisfaction. Information that affects the elements of customer satisfaction is then reviewed by management and results are delivered to responsible persons in the organization to take actions that will lead to the needed improvement. LMD has also established a solid HSE structure with close monitoring and reporting of all activities.
In 2021 LMD won two large contracts: Mercedes Benz AG and Sigma2 (national supercomputers and storage infrastructure for research and education in Norway). Both after long and thorough processes. The suggested technical solutions, deliveries and operations were major part of the decision and LMD scored high on all requirements. This was naturally a Team effort but with Kristian in center of the performances.

LMD still has large areas available for customers to come. Planning and optimizing remaining space, to benefit customers is key to continue delivering at LMD standard. This involves several parties, but Kristan Todal contribution is and will be extremely important the coming years as well.
Our approach is to have fewer but large customers in our facility. This is one of the strategic decisions taken to secure customer satisfaction during implementation and throughout the contract term, but also to secure their needed growth. We maintain the customer relationship on daily basis. All our customers have increased their capacity at Lefdal Mine Datacenter after the initial deployment or indicated that they will do so.

LMD therefore nominates Kristan Todal as Data Center Manager of the Year and consider him is an excellent candidate. We know our customers would support the nomination.