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Turkey's new generation technology partner NGN; is a technology group that leads companies in their digitalization journeys with its industry experience, future vision and superior service quality.
NGN developed and offered a local cloud computing solution that has fundamentally changed the way businesses work via NGN Cloud. Cloud, server hosting and various cost-effective and reliable solutions, full-redundant infrastructure, expert staff and quality services, open source friendly, compatable with API’s, instant and uninterrupted accessibility, service concept with all device and user performance points are gathered on a single platform.
Need based public & private & hybrid cloud solutions, disaster recovery as a service and back up as as service are provided by NGN Cloud.

Turkey’s 1st Local Cloud Provider with Software Defined Data Center (SSDC) Technology Offering Services to Europe & Middle East Regions!

Advantages of NGN Cloud are:
• The new cloud service is easily activated via the NGN Cloud self-service panel
• Hourly billing service is available with "Pay As You Go" model*
• Project delivery delays are prevented
• Security services ensure data is secured
• High available “Kubernetes Cluster Service” can be provision automatically*
• Database Services can be provision via PaaS*
• All cloud infrastracture can be managable via API’s, like EC2, EKS, S3 etc...*

*First in Turkey

The most innovative features of NGN Cloud solution are; hourly billing service with "Pay As You Go" model, “Kubernetes Cluster Service” which are integrated with cloud and without need of any 3rd party solution, provided by a local provider for the first time in Turkey that brought a new standard to the industry. With our new feature, PaaS solutions; all projects and services can be automated without requiring manual intervention with API supported management.
NGN Cloud offers risk-free, scalable, high available, high performance and uninterrupted cloud infrastructure to its customers. NGN Cloud solution offers hourly billing service with "Pay As You Go" model which is provided by a local provider for the first time in Turkey that brought a new standard to the industry.

NGN's virtual data center comprises virtual computing resources (servers, disks, and networks) available via the internet or dedicated communication channels.

Each physical member of cluster are running in different racks to ensure high availability. Both Block Storage and Object Storage work on servers with Software Defined Storage solutions. Software Defined Network solution also running on servers. Since compute, storage and network all work on the same servers, all interconnections are provided over the same network infrastructure and since there is no additional hardware, it is tried to keep the carbon footprint at a minimum by reducing electricity consumption. The new equipment to be added is subjected to extensive tests and the results under high load are calculated. As a result of the calculations made, a high level of quality is aimed in the service provided.

Integration & Automation
Thanks to the presentation of general-purpose API and SDK sets with NGN Cloud, developers can ensure that their applications integration within NGN Cloud. In this way, while the load needs of the applications can be met instantly, the goal of cost advantage is achieved by providing the automation feature.

NGN Cloud is equipped with open source APIs to support integration and automation. Supervision and security are provided at the highest level, thanks to the access keys generated specifically for the user. All services on Cloud Console can be created and managed via API. Since the commands of the API sets are for general use, users do not need to change their habits. All created services can be tagged, making it easy to integrate into applications. You can safely isolate development, test and production environments from each other by creating different projects with the same account.

• EC2 API: When creating and managing Compute, Network and Volume services, you can enter security-related definitions and provide internet access open or with VPN. Instance creation, disk enlargement, port settings, network access, VPC arrangements are very easy with this API set.

• Instance Metadata API: Instance metadata is data about your instance that you can use to configure or manage the running instance. Instance metadata is divided into categories. EC2 instances can also include dynamic data, such as an instance identity document that is generated when the instance is launched. You can also access the user data that you supplied when launching your instance. For example, you can specify parameters for configuring your instance, or attach a simple script.

• Simple Storage Service API: With this service, you can store your static content in the high available storage area, publish these contents by creating RULs, and open your page to the internet by connecting to the website while performing all operations related to buckets and objects.

• CloudWatch API: It provides instant notification of load and usage by creating alarms on the monitoring system.

• CloudTrail API: You can have full control over your services by logging the actions of users.

• EKS API: On NGN Cloud, you can create and scale Kubernetes Clusters, change access settings, and retrieve Kubeconfig settings.

NGN Cloud stands out from its competitors in its region by offering the Kubernetes solution that supports micro-service architecture by default, built-in NGN Cloud. Without any 3rd party solution, Kubernetes Cluster can be created in minutes and supports horizontal scaling in line with business needs while offering high availability. In this way, thanks to the EKS and CloudWatch API sets offered with NGN Cloud, Kubernetes Cluster can be scaled automatically, while cost advantage can be provided. In Cloud mentality "When you want, as much as you want", NGN Cloud Kubernetes can handle unlimited load needs in only couple of minutes.

Newly developed PaaS solutions provide Database workloads and in-memory cache services. PaaS solutions allows you to quickly deploy a complex software system, such as DBMS, in the cloud. Infrastructure provisioning and software setup are automatic so that you get a ready-to-use service in a few minutes. Currently, NGN Cloud supports several PaaS solutions from the databases category: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis. You can select the DBMS version and run a database service. The list of supported services is regularly updated. All platform services are shown on the same page and divided into categories. Select the desired database service and run it using the creation wizard. Previously created services are available in the Running services section. You can view their details, as well as create additional services or delete them. Using PaaS platform services in the cloud allows you to focus on business-critical tasks and not waste time on infrastructure-related issues.

To ensure NGN Cloud infrastructure security, we adopted a vulnerability management process that includes:
• Regular infrastructure scanning inside and outside the perimeter;
• Regular monitoring of the resources that publish information about the latest vulnerabilities;
• Using the configuration standard for devices to be employed in the production environment.

If a vulnerability is found, we analyze it, set remediation deadlines and monitor the remedial process. In addition, the NGN Cloud security specialists analyze the newly published vulnerabilities and, if those may affect the NGN Cloud infrastructure, do their best to deploy security patches or take mitigation measures as soon as possible.

Due to local laws and compliance, the obligation to keep sensitive data in the country is ensured with 3 different ISPs in the TIER3+ data center. NGN Cloud serves redundancy by working with 3 different ISPs and is also compatible with the following international compliance standards.
• ISO/IEC 27001:2013
• ISO/IEC 27017:2015
• PCI DSS v. 3.2.1

NGN Cloud is compatible with following tools. With these tools, daily tasks can be maintained with zero-touch approach.

• Terraform
Terraform is a modern tool for automated cloud infrastructure management using a simple, expressive language similar to plain English. This approach to infrastructure deployment is called “infrastructure as a code” (IaaC). It allows:
o Use version control systems,
o Place comments in the code to document what it does,
o Test the code before it is used in a real infrastructure to identify possible negative consequences,
o Hand over the code to other developers to evaluate its quality in order to get the best solution in the end.

To enjoy advanced object storage management capabilities, use S3cmd utility.

Postman is an API platform for building and using APIs. Postman simplifies each step of the API lifecycle and streamlines collaboration so you can create better APIs-faster.

Boto is a software development kit. It makes easier to integrate Python or script with NGN Cloud EC2 and S3 services.

To manage infrastructure in NGN Cloud, Ansible can be usable, which aggregates available virtual machines by various parameters.

Fast, High Performance and Scalable Cloud Infrastructure for Advancity was provided with NGN Cloud.

Advancity is Turkey's leading online education platform that offers successful solutions and services in distance education & E-Learning. The transition of schools to the distance education system in a short time during the pandemic process revealed the need for a cloud solution for Advancity, where speed and uninterrupted services will come to the fore.

In line with the increasing virtual classroom and distance education needs with the pandemic, Advancity was able to provide the conference solution application it needed over the cloud. During the search for a domestic business partner in line with the requirements of the Turkish Personal Data protection Law - KVKK, the targeted performance was achieved with the tests conducted over NGN Cloud and they started to migrate quickly from a global provider abroad to NGN Cloud. Advancity previously received services from 6 different providers in a dispersed structure. Thanks to the project realized with NGN, Advancity centralized monitoring and management by combining Object Storage, Compute and CDN solutions in NGN Cloud. Performance analysis was measured before the project. Resource configuration and network topology were created. At the end of the detailed examination, the requirements were set for continuity. Competition analysis was conducted in the choosing process of accessibility, carrier neutral functionality, service quality such as references was examined in detail.

Online sessions contain strict requirements which had to be met;

• Sensitive personal data should rest in Turkey,
• For big amount of connections bandwith latency should be small,
• Each session should be recorded and saved.

The objective of the project was to ensure flexibility, accessibility, provide uninterrupted, safe and high performance system.

Advancity, which offers its solution to many educational institutions from primary education to universities and can be accessed by 400,000 students concurrently over NGN Cloud; also activated the NGN Cloud Object Storage service by combining its applications with the API so that the lessons can be recorded and accessed on demand. It created a platform that can be viewed directly through the Object Storage Service by creating links that are subject to permissions for the recorded lessons. Thanks to NGN Cloud S3, training sustainability was ensured without the need for an additional codec or media player. The usage of Advancity in NGN Cloud has increased from 5VM to 160VM. There are nearly 10 million lessons recorded as data over 500 TB in 1 academic year. Advancity, by keeping the virtual classroom software in the NGN Cloud infrastructure, reached 50,000 users at the same time and enabled over 2 million students to receive an education.

Business Goals and Competitive Positioning
The project realized provides the user load balance by localizing the density in our systems correctly. If you draw attention to the density of users in the system during our work, it can be said that the upload and download speeds are transferred in a balanced way. In today's conditions, we can say that the most important feature that distinguishes it from other companies is that we provide services with a stable and healthy data flow. Providing rapid feedback to the demands of our customers, immediately responding to a problem enhanced our trustworhthiness. With the reporting and monitoring methods, we can quickly intervene in the actions that take place in our work.

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