Mr. Abdulnasser Saleh Thabit - Enterprise Disaster Recovery Project
Ajman Municipality & Planning Department
Data Centre Engineer of the Year
Entry Description
Our Data Center Engineer of the Year is Mr. Abdulnasser Saleh Thabit.
Mr. Thabit is self-motivated, proactive and enthusiastic. Senior critical system specialist data center engineer, with 25 years of track record of achievements in delivering the advanced support and improvement the technical support solutions, managing infrastructure, currently working in the Ajman Municipality and planning Department.
Mr. Thabet’s leadership, technical skills and extensive experience have contributed to the significant success of implementing several digital infrastructure development projects. One of which was the “Enterprise Disaster Recovery Project” in 2020-2021.
The project was adopted by the Municipality and Planning Department in Ajman to avoid the risks of losing digital municipal data, and to preserve and restore it in case of disasters and crises that may cause its loss.
The main purpose of the project is to support achieving the strategic objectives of the municipality, mainly the strategic objective (E2: the development of information technology capabilities). Consequently, to ensure the sustainability of operations and corporate performance.
The project complies with the international regulatory standards ISO 27001, ISO 20001, BCM ISO 22301, ISO 20000, NCEMA 7000, and the local requirements of Ajman Digital Government.
The project contributed to reducing electrical energy consumption, the availability of services exceeded the set target and reached 99.98%, increasing stakeholder confidence due to the advanced security controls built into the solution.
One of the most important challenges that faced the recent development project, the ban that accompanied the spread of Covid 19. This challenge was dual, as it must first provide the possibility of remote work for the municipality's employees while providing easy mechanisms for preservation and retrieval of data. Secondly, the challenge of restricting the movement of the work team during the Covid-19 lockdown to reach the project site, which is approximately 70 kilometers away from the municipality. Accordingly, Mr. Thabit made a decision to implement a restrictive plan to equip all the necessary capabilities and prepare the infrastructure to support the remote work system, such as providing video conferencing software, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. On the other hand, he directed the work team to effectively coordinate with the project's strategic partners and various stakeholders such as Ajman Police, Dubai Police and Etisalat to issue the necessary permissions to facilitate the movement of the work team in implementing the project during the ban.
At the end, Mr. Thabit's decisions and directives were crucial during the implementation of the project, as this helped achieve its objectives, and supported the achievement of the municipality's strategy. This is the approach of Mr. Thabit in all the technological tasks and missions assigned to him in the municipality.
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