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Globally, we are entering what many consider to be the 4th Generation of Industrial Revolution. Across physical, digital, and biological realms, businesses will need to transform their operational models and strategies to stay competitive in the years to come. Visual inspection and anomaly detection can no longer be supported by just humans or simple photographic mapping. The scale and speed of business today requires that visual inspection and intelligent response be performed at digital speeds while always learning. This creates a burden for businesses who do not employ advanced skillsets in AI model creation and image analysis.

Cogniac is a global leader in AI-powered image and video analysis enabling organizations to extract reliable, specific, and actionable intelligence from their abundant raw visual data. Cogniac’s no-code platform (implementing the latest in deep neural network AI technology under the hood) is deployed across a wide spectrum of industries and applications to maximize performance of visual tasks.

In June 2021, Cogniac entered a partnership with Trimac Transportation to improve operations with the use of cloud-based artificial intelligence. Doing so, Cogniac successfully implemented its proprietary visual data processing system throughout Trimac's document identification and filing processes -- which improved working conditions, saved time, and increased overall productivity. With Cogniac's document imaging solution, Trimac leveraged machine vision to drive efficacy in the classification and organization of the millions of documents uploaded, digitally filed, and invoiced throughout the year. With the technology, Trimac was able to automate a highly manual process, allowing staff to focus on strategically valuable activities. Since partnering with the company last year, Cogniac's innovative document imaging technology has provided a unique solution for Trimac as a leading bulk carrier in North America and has been critical in streamlining its system by auto-processing more than 95% of documents while increasing efficacy and accuracy throughout the organization.

Cogniac deserves recognition from the DCS Awards in this category because it is actively planning for what's next: AI vision will serve as the foundation of safety and efficiency for the future of logistics and manufacturing. Cogniac is already leading the creation of that infrastructure and operational standard. By automating labor-intensive and tedious tasks, the technology strategically redistributes human capital while ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of data management. The platform is ready and tested to perform in a variety of contexts. In the case of the Trimac partnership, Cogniac’s AI delivered superhuman levels of accuracy and performance in the transportation industry. That same technology can be applied for automated document management in numerous other industries where paper documents are used and transferred among various entities. For example – banking and finance, legal institutions, military and other government operations, and the travel industry all generate an overabundance of documents and visual data. These industries and organizations can each benefit from Cogniac’s visual intelligence platform implementing an Automated Document Management (ADM) solution.

The product’s efficacy and ease of implementation offer customers significant and material improvements to their workstreams and processes. Cogniac’s AI is highly agile and highly scalable, making it perfectly suited to the dynamic and demanding nature of high-quality processes.
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