Cloud-Native Interconnection at Scale
Data Centre ICT Networking Innovation of the Year
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PacketFabric Cloud Router solution leverages a multi-tenant, 50+Tbps global network platform that was automated from its foundations, with natively multi-tenant OSS/BSS innovated from the ground-up. Offering a nearly instant, cloud-native, and carrier-class way to connect CSP regions for mission-critical workflows and extend a multi-cloud infrastructure to branch offices. This approach eliminates the need for a data center, physical connectivity, or separate network infrastructure and avoids performance choke points. By doing so, Cloud Router meets the needs of increasing numbers of organizations that want to grow their business in a cloud-native fashion.

Thousands of new startups are proliferating without establishing a data center, relying instead on cloud providers and enterprise SaaS for their compute and application/service needs. In addition, more and more mainstream enterprises are choosing a "cloud-first and build-last" way of operating their IT infrastructure. While most of these businesses use Internet-based overlays initially in their cloud journey, as they scale, they rapidly need the quality of connectivity that only a telecom-grade network service can provide. Multi-cloud hosting is essential for many industries to enable best-of-breed cloud service selection and to meet regulatory requirements for avoiding risk concentration.

IT teams can to connect multiple cloud regions and providers, cloud storage, SaaS applications, and even branch offices. Without backhauling traffic through a physical data center and suffering through lengthy contract negotiations and months-long provisioning times for direct connections via telecom or other traditional providers. In addition, they can transcend unreliable and insecure Internet-based connectivity and gain a carrier-class solution that offers five-nines SLAs for availability, along with latency, loss, and jitter SLAs for performance. Finally, IT teams in growing businesses that are looking for a cloud-scale solution that supports 100G+ bandwidth to support volumetric, mission-critical requirements can use Cloud Router to solve this.

One of the critical needs in a modern digital business built on multi-region and multi-cloud environments is moving significant application workflows and data sets rapidly. Cost is a vital consideration due to cloud provider egress charges that are highest when using their Internet-connected backbone networks. Yet, the process to contract and deploy private connectivity to cloud providers is slow and cumbersome.

Before Cloud Router, there was no integrated and cloud-native solution to meet the need for private, secure, scalable, cost-efficient and high-performance multi-region and multi-cloud connectivity. Existing solutions required physical connectivity through data centers, or routing traffic through centralized choke-points. Previous multi-cloud routing solutions couldn’t scale to the needs of growing digital enterprises that often need 10 and 100+ Gbps throughput.

Cloud Router breaks through this barrier and enables organizations to gain a cloud-native connectivity solution for this growing need. Cloud Router offers provisioning at the speed of digital business--within a few minutes, via an easy-to-use portal or REST API, even for 100G connectivity. Cloud Router makes direct connectivity to various cloud providers easy to consume from a single interface, and provides pre-negotiated, lower egress data charges.

The Cloud Router solution leverages a multi-tenant, 50+Tbps global network platform that was automated from its foundations, with natively multi-tenant OSS/BSS innovated from the ground-up.
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