Frontier Pitts LPS1175 Platinum Turnstile
Frontier Pitts Ltd
Data Centre Safety & Security Innovation Of The Year
Entry Description
The Platinum Turnstile is the first Turnstile with three wings (120 degree rotor) to achieve a security rating to LPS1175 and listed in the Red Book Live.

Following the release of our Platinum LPS1175 Turnstile with a 90° rotor (4 section walkway) in December 2019 our customers asked us to develop a security rated turnstile with a 120° degree rotor (3 section walkway). Frontier Pitts worked closely with LPCB during the lockdown months, co-ordinating safe, socially distanced testing in our factory, to ensure our R&D program continued to produce products to meet our clients requirements.

Now the LPS1175 Platinum Turnstile, like many other Turnstiles, have the option of 90° or 120° rotors. A first for the LPCB LPS1175 market!

Watch the video of our Platinum Turnstile being LPS1175 Security Rated tested here:
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