Ku:l Extreme Micro Data Centre
Iceotope Technologies Limited
Data Centre Cooling Innovation Of The Year
Entry Description
Ku:l Extreme Micro Data Centre. Zero-touch computing for extreme edge locations.

Born out of a collaboration with HPE, Iceotope’s Ku:l Extreme is a highly ruggedised Micro Data Centre solution for distributing enterprise-grade computing to extreme edge locations.

This game-changing solution is single server enabled, ultra-efficient and highly scalable. It provides zero-touch operation and high uptime with advanced Out Of Band Management Add In Card offering complete control of the entire system, remotely.

Capturing close to 100% of the heat generated from every part of the system, the Ku:l Extreme Micro Data Centre solution offers extreme cooling performance by maximising cooling directly to the hotspots with precision delivery of dielectric coolant.

By eliminating the need for mechanical cooling and power consuming server fans, energy consumption is cut by up to 40%. This has a twofold effect of allowing more IT to be deployed in limited power environments and significant power savings over traditional cooling solutions.

Powered by HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 servers (Alternative HPE server options are available) each liquid-cooled chassis is 100% sealed completely isolating the critical IT and rendering the system impervious to dust, gases, and humidity.

Capable of both indoor and outdoor deployments, each liquid-cooled chassis is capable of up to 3.5kW of IT load with an outdoor operational range of between -40oC and 55oC. Ku:l Extreme is a plug-and-play, enterprise-grade computing solution with full UPS back up and redundant cooling ensuring low-touch maintenance and ~30% lower component failures.
Industry standard form factors allow simple maintenance and hot swapping to be carried out – in any location – with ease, without mess, nor the need for heavy lifting gear.
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