PECO-DC Eliminating ladders in the Data Centre Whitespace
Daxten Ltd with JLG Power Towers
Data Centre Safety & Security Innovation Of The Year
Entry Description
Our aim for this product has been to remove the need to use ladders in the Data Centre Whitespace. How many times per year do Data Centre professionals have to use step-ups, podiums or ladders to carry out routine maintenance, repairs, installations or visual inspection work on the overhead supply infrastructure of the data centre? How many times does this kind of work cause body stress and fatigue to users as well as other injuries when working at height? The answer is all too often!
The solution is simple: The brand new PECO-DC a raised access platform that is the smart alternative to ladders and podiums. It is designed to create a safer and more sustainable working environment by improving the productivity. Completely manually operated, the PecoDC lifting solution can be raised by simply and easily rotating the operators handle. With minimal effort, the patented lift mechanism glides smoothly to the chosen working height of up to 3.5 metres in seconds. Having no batteries to charge or maintain and no hydraulic oil the PECO-DC is truly an Eco-friendly solution and ideally suited to the DC environment.. It’s tiny footprint of only 672mm wide has been designed specifically for the data centre aisle being just over a floor tile wide. Why risk using ladders when there is an alternative?
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