48 V Open Rack Power Supplies
Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.
Data Centre Power Innovation Of The Year
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Advanced Energy’s latest 48 V Open Rack power shelves and Open Rack rectifiers help operators to drive up efficiency and contribute to sustainability by minimizing power consumption while improving the reliability of compute and storage applications in hyperscale and enterprise data centers.

Worldwide demand to process, store and share data is increasing exponentially. This demand fuels the need to deliver ever-more cloud computing power by continually expanding global data center capacity through the addition of servers and accelerated adoption of next-generation, power-hungry ICs.

From the data center operator’s point-of-view these issues present two fundamental challenges. Firstly, as capital investments range from hundreds of millions to billions of dollars they must focus on keeping costs as low as possible. And secondly, with data centers already accounting for at least 3% of worldwide electricity use, they are under intense pressure to drive up processing capacity without significantly increasing energy consumption, even when average data center ‘power-per-rack’ is expected to rise from the current 10 – 15 kW to between 20 – 40 kW.

Combined, these factors are behind moves to dramatically improve efficiency and to standardize data center equipment - trends that are converging to drive an evolution from conventional 12 V power supplies to 48 V architectures. These architectures can reduce current draw for the same power level by a factor of four and reduce overall energy losses by a factor of 16.

To address these requirements Advanced Energy has developed a family of hot swappable 48 V power shelves and rectifiers that can deliver efficiencies of up to 97%.

These include the Artesyn 48 VDC shelf with 30 kW of total power capability in a 2U form factor, which has capacity for twelve 3 kW hot-swappable single phase PSU modules. These rectifiers include an embedded automatic transfer switch (ATS) capability that switches input to a secondary AC source on detection of primary AC power loss without any interruption to output voltage. Dual power inputs supporting the PSUs automatic transfer switch can be configured as star, delta or single phase while a hot-pluggable Shelf Controller provides for monitoring and control over Ethernet (DMTF Redfish® compatible) management networks. The power shelf is typically used for compute and storage applications which require reliable rack-scale power with optional battery backup.

As a key contributor to OCP ORv3, Advanced Energy collaborates with major OCP users and leaders in the data center industry to create a standard power platform for customers across deployments.
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