48-Volt Power Supply for Telecom and Computing Applications is the Industry’s Only Carrier-Grade DC-Input Power Supply in CRPS Form Factor
Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.
Data Centre Power Innovation Of The Year
Entry Description
Designed to serve a wide range of applications in traditional AC data centers, DC telco central offices, as well as increasingly-common DC data centers, Advanced Energy's Artesyn CSU2000ADC-3 delivers universal usage across these three environments, which reduces customers’ development time, cost and risk.

Offering 48 V input and 12 V output at 2000 W, this DC-DC power supply is the industry’s only 2 kW carrier-grade power supply, providing unmatched scalability and a path for power capacity flexibility while satisfying unique carrier requirements for input cabling. It features an industry standard common redundant power supply (CRPS) form factor, making it simple for customers to design into their systems.

Advanced Energy's Artesyn CSU2000ADC is housed in the industry standard 1U x 73.5 x 185 mm form factor featuring -48Vdc input voltage. This DC/DC power supply belongs to the CRPS family of products and matches the mechanical form and fit of Advanced Energy's AC/DC power supplies. The common form, fit, and function for all products in the family provides a path for power capacity flexibility, futureproofing system designs.
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