Lars Egeland - Operation Engineer at Green Mountain
Green Mountain
Data Centre Engineer of the Year
Entry Description
At the age of 26, Lars Egeland already has a long and impressive track record at Green Mountain. Starting as an apprentice and gradually receiving more responsibility and developing his skills. Today, he is a trusted Operation Engineer involved and responsible for many projects. Most recently, he has been the link between the operations team and the project team in a 2.5 MW expansion at our DC1-Stavanger mountain hall facility. This project included not only the expansion itself, but also a rewiring of the power supply and an upgrade of back-up generators. In addition, he has also had a central role in the upgrade of our fjord cooling solution, where we replaced all the existing sea water pumps. During his time at Green Mountain, he has also passed the exam for two different vocational certificates, as well as obtaining a higher professional degree in the field of electrical power. All while working full-time on our operations team. He sets a great example for his colleagues with his high professional integrity and in his eagerness to constantly evolve his competence.

Role and projects:
Lars Egeland is a member of the operations team at DC1, but very often he functions as the main link between the project team and the operations team. He is therefore involved from the start in new construction/expansion projects to make sure a smooth initiation of new data halls and an easy transfer to the operations team. He has a can-do attitude and takes great pride in doing his work thoroughly. Finding areas of improvement in all aspect of operation is a part of his DNA. As an example, he had a critical role in the recent 2.5 MW mountain hall expansion at DC1. The expansion was a TierIII built-to-suit project where we expanded an already existing data hall which was in full operation. Egeland was heavily involved in the commissioning of this data hall expansion. The project included connecting to the cooling distribution and high voltage power, including rewiring the power supply so that the data hall would have three separate power feeds. Changing from a 2N solution to a N + 1 solution with three UPS’s to support the full 5MW solution. Moreover, he was in involved in energizing new electrical equipment, upgrading the back-up power generators and of course numerous tests along the way. He has been involved in every stage of the planning and execution, making sure the project was completed successfully.
Another project example is the extensive upgrade of our fjord cooling solution, where all sea water pumps were replaced. This process required a meticulous survey and planning phase as well as flawless execution. Once again, Egeland played an important part in making the project a success.
Furthermore, "optimizing" is a key word when describing his way of working. Whether it is the regular generator tests or the energy consumption in a data room, Egeland always looks for smarter ways to do things. How to reduce time, energy, or risk, is always on his mind.

Egeland started as an apprentice within the field of Automation in OneCo. (A company with core activities in electrical, automation, electric power, and telecom.) During his apprenticeship he worked at the Green Mountain DC1 site and therefore got to know our company early on. He was also contracted to work at DC1 after he completed his apprenticeship. In 2015, he was hired by Green Mountain and over the years he has proven to be a very valuable asset to the organization. He has also been keen to strengthen his competence to become more interdisciplinary. That is why he in 2019 passed the exam for his second vocational certificate, as an electrician. In addition, he obtained a higher professional degree in electrical power. This was a great addition to his certificate as an automatician and made him a more versatile employee. Furthermore, he has participated in plenty of courses through our internal "Green Academy". He shares his knowledge generously and is very open to help and support more inexperienced employees. External partners and vendors also give him their best reviews.

Lars Egeland truly lives up to the core values of our company:
• Customer in focus
• Reliability and honesty
• Knowledge
• Enthusiasm

Despite his young age, he has mastered complicated tasks and taken responsibility of complex projects. He has strengthened his competence by adding both formal education as well as a "learning by doing" attitude. But above all, his focus on quality and professionality is what has made him come this far in his career. Green Mountain is genuinely thankful for his contribution and hard work!
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