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Green Mountain is a Norwegian company that designs, builds, and operates highly secure, innovative, and sustainable colocation data centers in Norway. What sets us apart from many competitors is our ambition of “Setting the green standard” in the data center industry. This entails that we want to establish ourselves as being the most energy-efficient data center in the market, running on 100% renewable energy and with close to zero CO2 footprints. We incorporate environmental sustainability in all aspects of our business – in the construction of data centers, in the operation of the data center and in the future, when decommissioning a data center. Clients can even try our CO2 calculator ( to find out how much CO2 they can save by moving their data load to Green Mountain. We are also involved in several waste heat reuse projects, contributing to the circular economy.
Our green approach to data centers has proved highly successful. We have a strong growth rate and currently operate three different sites in Norway:
- The data center near Stavanger (DC1-Stavanger) is deep inside a mountain in a former high security NATO ammunition storage.
- The data center in Telemark (DC2-Telemark) is in the ‘cradle of hydro power’ in Norway with close proximity to multiple local hydro power plants.
- The data center at Enebakk (DC3-Oslo) is situated just outside Oslo, the capital of Norway.

One particularly innovative feature is our fjord-cooling solution at DC1-Stavanger, where we use the adjacent fjord as the cooling source.
To secure consistent temperature for cooling, water enters our cold-water basin through use of gravity from pipes reaching 100-meter depth. Here, water is stable at 8C (46F) all year round. This cooling solution with use of cold water and gravity is extremely efficient. We use less than 3kW of power to gain more than 1000 kW of cooling.
The cooling solution (including the cooling station, chilled water pipework and pumps) is fully duplicated providing a N+N solution. With limited moving parts (circulating pumps), the solution is extremely robust and reliable. Server rooms will have available N+N chilled water under the raised floor. In-row-cooling are installed to client specification using hot isle technology. The solution provided is highly flexible and can support standard power densities from 2-6 kW/m2, as well as clients who have requirements for high-density solutions up to 40kW/m2.

We are one of the largest data center operators in the Nordics. And although a small company in a global perspective we have managed to attract large international clients within Cloud, Banking/Finance, HPC, Automotive and more. The Volkswagen Group and Mastercard being a couple of examples.

The Green Mountain facilities deliver high quality to our clients with Tier III certification by the Uptime Institute as well as ISO certifications. We have delivered 100% uptime since the start and have several independent power supplies to each site in addition to stand-by generators. The cooling and electrical infrastructure is duplicated so that the data centers are operational both during scheduled maintenance and in the event of any unforeseeable faults within our infrastructure.

Operational excellence is at the core of everything we do, and we have built an operational framework through our DCIM system. This system monitors, reports and analyzes the infrastructure performance and is fully integrated with thousands of sensors in our data centers. This data enables us to optimize our operations, but we also share this insight with our clients through Green Peak. This is our award-winning real-time dashboard solution – securing 100% transparency of the delivery.

A large portion of our service offering is built-to-suit projects. Over the last few years, we have delivered several complex projects to international clients.
With several parallel construction projects, Green Mountain has worked to optimize our project delivery. For one of our clients, Volkswagen, we used prefabricated modules to reduce the construction time to only 6 months. At DC3-Oslo we have chosen an external partner for a turn-key project, whereas in our mountain at DC1 we manage the projects ourselves. The latter is due to the added complexity a mountain construction pose. In other words, our organization is equipped to meet different customer demands and different project models.
Even during the challenging Covid-19 period Green Mountain has managed to deliver on commitments. For instance, in august 2020 we delivered to client a 2.5 MW mountain hall data center in less than 9 months, during the Covid-19 pandemic. The starting point was essentially a hole in the mountain with no basic infrastructure. This mountain cave was then transformed into a fully operational data center space, complete with interiors, cooling, power, and security. Furthermore, we delivered yet another 2.5 MW expansion to this mountain hall in May 2021. Finally, we expanded our DC3-Oslo facility with a 4MW module in August, less than a year after the first module was completed.
We believe that the main reason for our success in delivering new client projects is a combination of a solid data center platform of scale and speed, together with the flexibility of the Scandinavian work culture. (Flat structure and delegated authority, less bureaucracy, ability to make quick decisions.)

In the day-to-day operations our services are handled by our operation technicians and service management team. The latter is probably the reason we score very high on our client satisfaction survey.

One of Green Mountain’s core values is to put the customer in focus. Above all, customer satisfaction is the most important goal of our business. We have been delivering colocation data center services with 100% uptime since day one. Furthermore, we are very transparent about the quality of our services to our customers. In other words, trust is fundamental to our business.

But how do we know that we deliver excellent service? We perform an annual customer satisfaction survey. The average client satisfaction score for the previous 5 years is 5.73 on a 6-point scale, demonstrating that we are doing something right.  The team that is closest to the customers is the service management team lead by Runar Espeland. The team consists of five people and Espeland has a very clear opinion on which factors contribute strongly to the high satisfaction score:

- Solid support systems and procedures (Based on the ITIL Framework. Including a dedicated Customer Portal for the day-to-day cooperation with our customers.)
- A dedicated contact person for each client (No matter the size of the client they always get one primary contact. This also fosters a closer and more trusted relationship with the client.)
- A flat organizational structure and delegated authority (We trust our employees to solve challenges at the lowest possible organizational level.)
- Transparency and pro-active communication (We share alle the information we have. For instance, through the Green Peak dashboard, where clients get a real-time view of the environment in their data room.)
- Professional pride (Every single employee knows that we secure mission-critical services for these clients. And that each and everyone in the company has a role to play in delivering on our customer promise.)
- The Green Mountain company values (These are: Customer in focus, Knowledge, Reliability & Honesty, and Enthusiasm.)

For security reasons, not all our clients can publicly announce that they store their data in a Green Mountain facility. However, many of those who can have been ambassadors for our company. International companies like Volkswagen Group and Mastercard have promoted our services. You can also find several clients cases on this page:
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