Edge Innovation Of The Year
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With the aim of ensuring maximum resilience, local management in total data security, SMS Engineering has created a fault tolerance infrastructure by designing two Edge data centers for the Besana Group with the highest standards of Cybersecurity and Business Continuity protection. available today.

Thanks to the implementation of Edge Datacenters, the processing activity takes place near the physical location of the user who processes the data or the data source, in order to reduce latency and save bandwidth. All in a perspective of complete resilient architecture with two mirrored Edges which, with the perimeter protection of the network, guarantee a very high level of security for data and for all intelligent devices and sensors connected to the customer's network.

The project was developed starting from a Risk Assessment which highlighted all the vulnerabilities of all local, central and remote systems connected to the company network and it was immediately necessary to implement an end-to-end architecture on all layers, from the physical one to the application, in a pervasive way on the whole network.

We have not limited ourselves to the implementation of the Edges and the network only, but also to the redesign of all the IT procedures on the user side that have a direct impact on the management of the data or their interaction with any device or intelligent object present in the customer's ecosystem.

The MULTI-LAYER EDGE infrastructure was created thanks to the use of CISCO networking with DELL Server and VMWARE Hypervisor with VEEAM CLOUD Back-UP and QNAP local SAN.
All protected by the UMBLELLA implementation to increase the security level of all devices and the entire network with the integration of firewalls and Kaspersky for the necessary malware protection.
This integration has created two MULTI-LAYER EDGEs creating the robust and resilient infrastructure for the entire customer network.

All this has had a tremendous impact on the level of local data management, increased resilience of information, security of the entire network, management of procedures and administration of APPs at the service of business processes.

Edge Datacenters have become the enabling engine of any industry that puts Digital Transformation at the center of its business as a lever of innovation to do more with the same resources, in a more efficient, safe and sustainable way.
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