BlueNet CPI Management Software
Data Centre ICT Automation/Orchestration Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
With BlueNet Correct Power Institute system network managers have the knowledge that they can actively manage their data centre requirements, not just from a power perspective but across the whole DC including UPS, CRAC units, generators and solar power. These can all be monitored across the network and still be in full control.

The IT manager is responsible for managing the active IT components such as servers, storage systems and network components. The facility manager takes care of the power supply, the structural conditions of the data centre and the air conditioning. Until now, both areas have used different tools to manage their world.
BlueNet CPI offers a way out by building a bridge between the IT infrastructure, i.e. servers, storage systems, racks and network systems such as switches and I/O components and the system parameters. These include power supply, air conditioning and cooling. Another factor is the use of space in a data centre, i.e. where which IT infrastructure components are placed and how they are best connected to the power supply and cooling systems.

With many DCIM or BMS systems there is a big investment, this is where now the BlueNet CPI software offers a more cost-effective and efficient solution.
With investment in local measuring technology components (measuring devices, sensors, cabling, etc.), the monitoring application is "tailor-made" for the DC in our cloud environment. Which monitoring functionalities the operator of a data centre needs depends on the individual requirements: Power monitoring, performance prediction, predictive maintenance to predict system failure, predicting power and energy consumption via AI, etc.
Our monitoring service is modular and therefore offers the option for the user to integrate functions as required. However, there are some basic functions that every data centre infrastructure management product should provide. The following checklist lists the most important ones which we provide as standard like, browser based application, real-time analysis with reporting and business intelligence.

The spatial structures are displayed as 3D background images in the DCIM BMS system and filled with live data (temperature, alarms, power, humidity, etc.) We support all possible building automation protocols (Modbus, Profibus, BACnet, LON, Ethernet, etc.).
The advantages of BlueNet CPI software is real-time monitoring of central parameters, comprehensive analysis, reporting and forecasting functions.
The BlueNet CPI software which is implemented in a BSI C5 certified Azure Germany data centre offers the highest level of protection, so that the data does not fall into the hands of "strangers" and the integrity of the data is always made available for the company’s internal business processes. This is ensured by thread prevention, penetration resistance of all applications and encryption. A team of Internet security specialists specified the interfaces and applications for the cloud automation applications and implemented them in a correspondingly secure and 100% failsafe manner.

Shutdown in accordance with DGUV V3 is a regulation in many European countries including Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal and Scandinavia can be dispensed with thanks to permanent repeat testing.
Experience and innovation have led us to the power monitoring system of the future.
Permanent monitoring is a must in modern information technology. Continuous monitoring systems reduce the time and effort required for statutory repeat testing. According to the accident prevention regulation DGUV V3, shutdown can be avoided by permanent differential current monitoring. For this purpose, the process chain must be implemented, for which a declaration of conformity from the employers' liability insurance association is available.

BlueNet CPI energy monitoring is optionally expandable, regardless of whether you want to control and monitor the power grid of the data centre from your workplace, or whether you want to monitor or evaluate all essential data while on the road or at home.
It monitors current, voltage and power values and, if necessary, create reports that you can use to make statements about the future. Failures are eliminated because all resources can be efficiently distributed.
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