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Data Centre Sustainability Innovation Of The Year.
Entry Description
E-Line NEXT, a continuation of TRILUX's popular, tried, and tested continuous line system, has been developed by a team that understands the diverse requirements of data centres regarding temperature regulation and energy utilisation. At the same time, its simple installation and high flexibility contribute to a shorter construction period and ensure smooth operation. Quality of light and unique design guarantees maximum efficiency and safety.

E-Line Next is not only pioneering in terms of efficiency, service life, quality of light, and convenience, the modular system with its unique range of variants delivers made-to-measure, perfect lighting conditions ideal for data centres and industrial environments.

And when it comes to sustainability, no wishes remain unfulfilled: E-Line Next LED as a Monitoring-Ready version opens the potential of intelligent and networked lighting.

Why choose E-Line Next:

An unmatched efficiency of 190lm/W
This also means less heat dissipation resulting in savings on HVAC energy and servicing, maintaining an optimal temperature for servers in data centre applications. Outstanding energy efficiency helps meet energy and sustainability targets.

Superior optics
Only with precise light control can the advantage of LEDs be fully exploited. E-Line's superior optics allow you to create an extremely high-performance system efficiency of 190 lm/w. Still, most importantly, the state-of-the-art optical design provides high-quality glare-free lighting where it is needed. Its range of 15 optics covers all lighting needs.

It is crucial that the lighting is on par with the rest of the system for mission-critical applications. E-line Next offers a long lifetime and reliability. We also provide a five-year guarantee as proof of quality and safety. Even longer guarantees are available on a project basis. The E-Line Next LED HE+ can deliver this reliability even in extreme temperatures from -25 °C to 50 °C.

Maximum flexibility
More than 230 000 possible combinations of trunking and gear tray satisfy the need of any application. Should a project require a particular solution beyond these, our manufacturing facility in Germany can develop a tailor-made solution according to the specific requirements.

Three protection ratings
Available in IP20, IP50, and IP64 protection ratings, E-Line NEXT can be flexibly adapted to application-specific conditions – providing maximum flexibility from one continuous line system. D-designation guarantees a limited surface temperature of the luminaire. This makes E-Line NEXT also suitable for use in locations exposed to fire hazards as well as dust.

Reduced packaging waste
E-Line Next LED is no longer delivered to the construction site in the usual 1 or 4 packs but in a large, tailor-made unit optimised in terms of packaging. This not
only reduces packaging waste, it also saves time when unpacking and with rubbish
disposal, and accelerates mounting by up to 15 percent.

Easy to use online configurator
- https://www.trilux.com/en/products/e-line-next-led/e-line-next-configurator/?config=true&sap-client=050&sap-ui-language=EN&appnavid=30&vkorg=003

Futureproofing – beyond lighting
E-Line Next LED offers maximum future security. New functions can be implemented with little effort simply by exchanging the modules. The power supply required for this is already available—11 cores with the Flex version and 14 cores with the Fix version. As a result, the system can collect and analyse movement data for proximity marketing, asset tracking, etc., or be equipped with an emergency light module.

Reduced material content
The E-Line Next system can incorporate multiple solutions, i.e., spotlights and emergency lighting which reduces the use of individual luminaires into a single system, hence reducing the material content of the complete solution, limiting the impact on raw materials.

Comfort and well being
HCL versions for areas where employees' comfort and well-being are highly prioritised.

End of life
To encourage end of life recycling in support of our principals of the circular economy, E-line is designed for disassembly to aid speed and reduce cost of recycling.

Acclaimed solution
Winner of the following awards: RedDot 2020, German Design Awards, Good Design.
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