Sustained Sustainability
Carbon3IT Ltd
Outstanding Contribution to Sustainability and Efficiency Award
Entry Description
Our MD and company have been actively involved in data centre energy efficiency and sustainability for the past 12 years, Our MD, John Booth is the principal reviewer of the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres (Energy Efficiency) and sits on the best practices committee as well as being cited as a joint author of the code. The Code was jointly created in 2008 by the BCS, Department for Farming and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and the EU Joint Research Council and has formed the foundation of data centre energy efficiency best practices globally, such as the ITU Green Data Centres Standard, the US Data Centre Efficiency Programme (DCEP), the Singapore Green Data Centre Standard as well as the ISO/IEC BS EN 50600 TR-99-1.
John has worked to get the criteria adopted by as the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact (Ongoing), the BRE Data Centre Annexes, the EU GPP for Data Centres, and the Indian Green Building Council Data Centre Assessment Criteria.
John is the Chair of the Data Centre Alliance’s Energy Efficiency & Standards SIG, and a committee on the Data Centre Commissioning SIG, and Sustainability SIG.
John is the BCS/DCA representative and Chair of the BSI TCT 7/3 committee that developed and maintains the BS EN 50600 series of Data Centre Design, build and operate standards and the ISO/IEC 30134 series of Data Centre Key Performance Indicators.
John has been the Global Lead Assessor/Auditor of the Certified Energy Efficient Data Centre Award (CEEDA) based on the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres (Energy Efficiency) since 2011, which was originally developed by the BCS Data Centres SG/BCS HQ and is now delivered by Datacenter Dynamics.
He is also the Global Lead Auditor of the Data Centre Alliance Certification scheme (based on the BS EN50600)
He appears in the trade press on a frequent basis on the topics of climate change, energy and data centres, with articles in the Sunday Times (November 2020), Data Centre Solutions Magazine, Society of Cabling & Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) (Broadband), BCS IT Now, UKERC and many others.
He has also appeared on many trade show panel sessions, including Datacenter Dynamics, Data Centre World, Data Centres Ireland, Broadgroup, Data Center Forum (Nordics).
Carbon3IT Ltd has also contributed to EU Projects, PEDCA and EURECA, the Pan European Data Centre Academy and Green Data Centres & Services for the Public Sector respectively.
On a personal level John worked closely with Green IT Amsterdam on the CATALYST project, Data Centres as Multi-Flexible Energy Hubs, he also worked with the Global Green IT Group with Green IT Amsterdam and other EU partners.
Our data centre related training provides delegates with the latest information on energy efficiency techniques, concepts and products and we have recently commenced the 3rd year of delivering our DC101 course to students at the Birmingham City University, with a heavy focus on energy efficiency and sustainability, as well as the international and regional standards.
John and Carbon3IT have over a considerable period of time (12 years) made an outstanding contribution to data centre energy efficiency and sustainability and would be worthy winners of this award.