CarbonCure Concrete: Reducing CO2 emissions in building material production
Compass Datacenters
Data Centre Sustainability Innovation Of The Year.
Entry Description
A key element of Compass Datacenters’ sustainability strategy is the belief that sustainability begins before the data center is completed. A major component of data center construction is the concrete used for the facility itself and the surrounding campus.

Concrete production generates 7% of the world’s CO2 emissions. As part of our sustainable building materials initiative, Compass is the first data center provider to use CarbonCure concrete in the construction of all its data centers and campuses. CarbonCure technology injects recaptured CO2 into manufacturing process to eliminate the volume of CO2 produced. By adopting CarbonCure as our concrete standard Compass has reduced our CO2 footprint by an average of 1800 tons per campus which is the equivalent of driving a car 4 million miles.