PreCONNECT® SEDECIM - Optimal cabling for PAM4 coded High-Speed Multimode 400G and 800G Applications
Rosenberger OSI
Data Centre Physical Connectivity Innovation Of The Year
Entry Description
The worldwide data volume is growing rapidly. Driven by ongoing digitalization, the demands placed on data centers are constantly rising. Due to the ever increasing "need for speed", transceiver manufacturers are permanently bringing new transmission technologies to the market.
To achieve such transmission speeds of 400 and 800 Gbit/s, a demand-oriented data cabling is essential. PreCONNECT® SEDECIM developed by Rosenberger OSI is a comprehensive system for structured parallel optical data transmission cabling and optimized for exactly this transmission technology and enables data centers to provide the highest data transfer rates, even already paving the way for 800G applications. Especially in times of COVID-19, in which our life and work has shifted to the online world, fast and stable internet connections are more important than ever.

Sixteen fibers for a high-performance data center infrastructure:
The connector system of the PreCONNECT® SEDECIM is the MTP®/MPO 16, which is also the Media Dependent Interface (MDI) of the 400GBASE-SR8 transceivers. It is characterized by 16 OM4 multimode fibers arranged in a row. This connector face enables data transfer of the 400 GBit/s via eight parallel full-duplex transmission channels (lanes) of 50 GBit each with PAM4 coding (8x50G=400G) over a range of up to 100 meters.
The 800GBASE-R standard defines the base layer of 800G networks. The foundations for the 800GBASE-R specifications are the existing 106.25G lanes defined in 400G Ethernet applications. In order to achieve greater bandwidths, the number of total lanes in physical coding sublayers (PCS) is doubled from 4 to 8.

APC 8° angled polish used in multimode application optimizes return loss:
The outstanding innovation of PreCONNECT® SEDECIM is that the ferrule endfaces of the MTP®/MPO 16 fiber multimode connector are 8° APC angularly polished. Due to this angled polish, the return loss could be significantly improved, from min. 30dB of a conventional 0° PC polished multimode 16 fiber MTP®/MPO connector to min. 50dB.
The APC 8° angled polish has so far only been used from the outset for singlemode MTP®/MPO ferrule endfaces to achieve reliable return loss. In contrast to this, only the PC 0° straight polish was previously used for multimode MTP®/MPO ferrule endfaces. Due to their PC 0° straight polish design, multimode MTP®/MPO connectors were previously particularly susceptible to performance problems caused by dirt particles, which in the past often led to unreliable too low return loss values. In recent years, this problem has become increasingly severe due to the sharp rise in application data rates. The introduction of reflection-sensitive PAM4 coding at 400GBASE-SR8 and other multimode applications with serial lanespeeds of 50 Gbit/s has shown its full extent.
The measurements, done during the development, prove, that multimode MTP®/MPO connectors with APC 8° angled polish, in contrast to those with PC 0° straight polish, guarantee a reliably high return loss of min. 50dB in the application. The distinguishing feature of the innovative MTP®/MPO multimode connector system, with 16 fibers in a row and APC 8° angled polish, is a white bend protection boot on the black connector.

Ready for 800G DR8/PSM8:
The singlemode version of PreCONNECT® SEDECIM is the perfect fit for the soon coming 800G DR8/PSM8 singlemode transceivers with MTP®/MPO 16 fiber singlemode APC 8° connector interface because PreCONNECT® SEDECIM singlemode is already equipped with MTP® 16 fiber singlemode APC 8° connectors.

All advantages at a glance:
- High-performance, efficient multifiber cabling system, which is optimized for 400GBASE-SR8, by using 16 fibers for each MTP®/MPO connection
- Optimized return loss through APC 8° angled polish of multimode MTP®/MPO connectors
- Ready for 800G DR8/PSM8 transceivers with MTP®/MPO 16 fiber singlemode APC 8° connector interface
- Fast and safe installation trough factory assembled plug & play systematic
- Highest quality and cost-efficiency through factory assembling
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