Hydro-Denco High Capacity CRAC
Data Centre Cooling Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
Hydro-DENCO is latest in the range of DENCO® Products. This massive CRAC unit can range up 500kW. The product connects to a fluid cooler and requires no refrigerants as of this. It uses no mechanical cooling either which means a zero ODP/GWP. Hydro Denco is a robust, reliable and proven range of Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units. They represent the latest evolution in the 50 year history of Denco® products The range comprises three models, each with a single cooling circuit offering cooling capacities from 50kW, up to 200kW. Fans are mounted in the unit base section for downflow air delivery, with many options available regarding air inlet and discharge configuration. Equipment is generally supplied with only cooling as this is increasingly popular for standard data centre applications.
The design philosophy with our Hydro-Denco® systems is to achieve acceptable data centre server cooling requirements without using any mechanical refrigeration, or the high Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerants associated with some such systems. Market leading energy efficiency is ensured through the use of Electronically Commutated (EC) fans for all equipment. A versatile controller, complete with touch screen graphic display, optimises system operation and can communicate all data, including real time energy usage, to external devices as required. We supply the data centre with 27 degree temperature returning the air at 39 degrees which allows for similar design function as an Fan wall / Evaporative systems.  But it is commericalised. We pump fluid (20% etholyn glycol) to the outdoor dry cooler which dries up to 22 degrees. EC pump between the two, no values no acctutors meaning minimal failures in the unit If more cooling is required we speed the pump and dry cooler fans up. As the outdoor tempature starts to rise we start spraying the air into the hybrid coolers, ambient tempature may be 35 degrees  to be cooled down to 24 to keep the tempature at 27 degrees inside the data centre, all the benifits of the evaporative cooling but we are able to seperate the systems reducing risk to the data centre with similar energy benefits.

Each sensible cooling system incorporates a single water/glycol circuit offering cooling capacities from 50kW, up to 200kW with no restriction on pipe run between indoor and outdoor units. A HD system would be expected to provide an annualised partial Power Utilisation Effectiveness (PUE) of between 1.05 and 1.15, depending upon exact loading. A nominal 300 kW cooling system would merely require the installation of 80mm flow and return pipework. Units can be installed as autonomous, stand-alone systems or on a conventional pipework distribution system as required. A very high-efficiency indoor cooling coil allows the use of relatively high fluid temperatures, obtainable all year round from external evaporative coolers, particularly in temperate Northern European Climates
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