Cloud Router
Data Centre Physical Connectivity Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
Enterprises IT architecture is evolving to a hybrid and multi-cloud-based core. The data centre plays a critical role, as an anchor point for this new hybrid architecture. But to be an anchor, the data centre needs to be able to reach many other parts of that cloud core. Yet physical data centre and hybrid/multi-cloud interconnect has remained a significant friction point. Internet-based connectivity isn't reliable, secure, scalable or performant enough for backbone and mission-critical connectivity. Telco and other traditional physical connectivity is years behind the cloud curve--with months-long contractual and provisioning times and long-term fixed contracts blocking business agility.

PacketFabric Cloud Router breaks through these barriers and brings cloud-like innovation to data centre physical interconnection. Built on PacketFabric's global, 50+Tbps network as a service (NaaS) platform across hundreds of colocation data centre PoPs, Cloud Router is a service that delivers on-demand, carrier-class, natively resilient optical network connectivity in minutes across metro and long-haul distances. Cloud Router connects data centres and multiple cloud service providers including AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM, Oracle. Add VPN-based connections for branch offices and other remote sites and enterprises have an integrated way to get from branch to hybrid and multi-cloud.

Cloud Router is consumable like cloud, with monthly and even hourly subscription options--more granular than any other optical carrier interconnection service. Cloud Router unlocks the potential of the hybrid cloud architecture by removing the legacy connectivity impediment to end-to-end cloud agility.

Customers can now create private, premium interconnections at up to 100Gbps speeds, on demand, without long-term commitments for their entire hybrid and multi-cloud architecture.
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