Turkcell Smart DC
Data Centre Consolidation/Upgrade/Refresh Project of the Year
Entry Description
Organizations, such as DataCentre Solutions, helps the DC teams to keep track of the latest developments and technologies. DCS awards, makes people to see what is going on in the industry and ignite people to achieve more and more.

Therefore, it is important for Turkcell to participate and to be part of the DCS awards organization.

Turkcell is the largest telecommunication, information, and service provider company of Turkey. Growing potential of the company, pushing the teams to maintain certain level of quality and keep them working hard to take the company to the next level.

There are several directories in Turkcell which works for different services. One of the biggest directories in Turkcell is Data Center and Cloud Management. Inside Data Center Management, there are certain teams works specially for infrastructure management.

Infrastructure experts need certain tools for keeping the systems alive and well. The best way to keep an eye on all systems continuously is using Data Center Monitoring Applications. Many DC firms using such pre-prepared tools for such reason. Since, Turkcell has many locations and many systems all over Turkey, there was need for tailor-made solution for Turkcell’s own DC management system. Mainly around this perspective, Turkcell DC Smart Management System was born.

Turkcell Smart DC Management System is a web-based application supported by A.I. which enables Turkcell to monitor and collect data instantaneously from the electromechanical infrastructures of 25 Data Centers all across Turkey in accordance with the Turkcell procedures from a single platform.

Turkcell created this platform internally with the company’s own engineering knowledge and hard work.

The application has put into production after the security audits and performance tests. The platform itself is secure, working stand alone, expandable and upgradable.

Turkcell Smart DC Management System Application has launched on June 20, and it is working actively since. The system collects more than 20,000 inputs from various locations. The application is available for third-party users as well. Turkcell can provide this system to other DC managers and engineers.

Main differences from similar applications are collecting many locations in one platform and combining information from different manufacturers’ devices and machinery.

Turkcell Smart DC Management System can co-operate with DC Artificial Intelligence systems as well. A.I. helps engineers to seek and locate fault points for racks or servers by collecting data from different locations, devices, and servers from the Management System.

There are certain modules within the platform which are, Capacity & Load Management, Temperature & Humidity control and Alarm & Information Management.

In addition to alarm and monitoring management, on each site, operators, and engineers can open the program and filter any information they need for every other location. Whether it’s from one rack to a couple of cities, they can make their custom pages to see various information they need. Also, they can check outages, trends, and power consumption to compare and contrast. Application allows users to manage PUE level by calculating data from weather conditions and efficiency of devices.

These modules lead the way to Central Monitoring Project for increased business continuity, efficiency, and digitalization in all Turkcell’s old generation and new generation data centers with achievements such as;
• Monitoring of Energy and Building Management Systems status and alarm data from the single platform
• Digitalization of infrastructure projects of old generation data centers
• Server level temperature and humidity measurement
• Alarm and notification integrations with TEMIP, BSM, IVR, BIP (Turkcell Instant Message) and e-mail
• Online map displays and dashboards;
• Monitoring and management of capacity and load situations;
• Trend and analysis possibilities;
• Automatic notification and escalation capabilities (smart alarms)

In summary, with all the effort and hard work of the engineers and technicians, Turkcell created this unique and manageable monitoring system.
Sharing the excitement of all the project members, we sincerely hope to participate and to be nominated for these awards.
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