Nlyte Delivers Industry-First Integrated Augmented Reality Solution for Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)
Nlyte Software
Data Centre Intelligent Automation and Management Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
New Nlyte Solution Module Enables Customers to Use Augmented Reality to Automate Complex Tasks and Make It Easier for Personnel to Manage Critical Infrastructure

Nlyte Software, a leading provider of hybrid digital infrastructure management (HDIM) software solutions, have announced the availability of the Nlyte Augmented Reality module. This new addition for Nlyte solutions enables personnel wearing supported devices, tablets, and smart phones to use augmented reality to more easily and accurately perform their functions in the physical data center world.

When implemented Nlyte Augmented Reality overlays supplemental information over what personnel see as they perform their day-to-day tasks in order to give them guidance and more insight. Whether helping infrastructure personnel to place new equipment or showing an administrator specifically where a power issue is located, Nlyte Augmented Reality helps expedite workflow tasks while helping ensure those functions are performed consistently across varying personnel and facilities. Additionally, staff around the globe can access technical expertise through their devices to ask questions or get assistance on specific issues in the field. This especially helps organizations to administer dark data centers during the Covid pandemic and more easily manage the growing number of remote sites they have in their edge networks.

“At Nlyte, our vision is to enable the completely automated data center. With Nlyte Augmented Reality we are taking a huge industry-first step towards that future,” said Rob Neave, Co-Founder and CTO for Nlyte. “By leveraging augmented reality within our comprehensive DCIM solutions, we allow a wider set of local personnel to maintain critical infrastructure while also being able to access expertise anywhere in the world.”

Nlyte Augmented Reality will reduce the time and costs for personnel maintaining physical infrastructure in data centers or colocation facilities. The module also helps ensure infrastructure is maintained in a consistent way that aligns with the corporate policies of the organization – with the ultimate goal of increasing the speed personnel can perform their jobs.