Keysource Artificial Intelligence (KAI)
Data Centre Intelligent Automation and Management Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
The Innovation
In 2020 we launched a new facilities maintenance service which utilises the latest machine
learning/artificial intelligence technology to help organisations to transform their edge operational
management strategy. KAI (Keysource Artificial Intelligence) was designed to enable companies to
make data led decisions around key issues such as reducing capital expenditure and unplanned
downtime or gaining greater control over their edge infrastructure.
KAI watches and learns from Keysource’s Critical engineering team to self-diagnose and automate
future fixes. It has global reach as it is located in the cloud and can monitor whole estates to provide
intelligent, consistent advice.

How does it work?
Following a comprehensive audit of a company’s estate, the Keysource critical operations team
deploy the latest sensor technology to create a digital fingerprint of the infrastructure. This is then
used to outline ‘normal’ behaviour and highlight changes in state through a connection to our
specialist AI / ML service ‘KAI’.
This combination of best in breed technology, and specialist experience means organisations are able
to identify changes in state up to nine months in advance, to better plan and coordinate repairs or
replacements around normal business.

What are the benefits?
• Put off capital spend by removing guesswork from lifecycle replacements.
• Reduce operational spend, by coordinating repairs early, in conjunction with planned visits.
• Facilitate early repairs before they cause further damage (i.e. refrigerant leak leading to
compressor failure).
• Transform your edge operational management strategy.
• Provide the same consistent firs in class critical infrastructure service anywhere in the world.

Why did we develop it?
It is a challenging time for our industry in many ways and there has been a lot of talk about the art of
the possible regarding AI. At Keysource we brought a solution to the market that combines best in
breed technology with our 40+ years’ critical infrastructure experience to make a real difference to
Data Centre Operators today. KAI will also help to overcome the skills shortage that has been
exacerbated by the pandemic and global growth in edge deployments, driven by the demands of our

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