Qumulo Cloud Q
Data Centre Cloud Vendor of the Year
Entry Description
Qumulo’s cloud-native file data platform, Cloud Q, does much more than just ‘store’ unstructured file data. Cloud Q creates high-performance file data lakes instantly in the cloud at exabyte scale, storing data securely with the ability to scale endlessly. It is fully supported on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud platform, allowing customers to run virtually any file-based application at cloud-native speeds. With Qumulo, the Cloud is no longer a singular destination but rather a manageable component of customers’ overall data strategy.

The “remote workforce” has become just the “workforce” – and with it comes a massive need for cloud solutions. Qumulo meets its customers where they are in their cloud journey with innovative yet radically simple solutions to managing massive amounts of data at scale. Its products are powerful and capable, while also user-friendly, approachable and intuitive – making Qumulo a “disruptor” in an industry filled with clunky legacy vendors.

Qumulo is emerging as the leader in file data management. Unstructured data is both severely misunderstood and underserved in the industry, when in fact nearly 90% of data generated daily is unstructured. This includes media, video files, imagery data, sensor data and more. Unstructured data is only as useful as it is accessible, which highlights the need for cloud adoption.

Qumulo creates solutions that scale massively in the cloud, while providing rich analytics and visibility in real-time. Qumulo also provides a clear path for companies from the data center to the cloud, so that organizations who are ready to make the jump to the cloud can do so seamlessly.