Qumulo’s Suite of Data Management Services: NVMe Cached Performance, Dynamic Scale, Instant Upgrades, Qumulo Secure and Qumulo Shift
Data Centre Power Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
In 2020, Qumulo introduced a new suite of data management services that radically simplified file data management and lowered operational costs for its end-users. This suite of new services has five components: NVMe Cached Performance, Dynamic Scale, Qumulo Secure, Instant upgrade to Qumulo Core and Qumulo shift.

● NVMe Cached Performance introduces the industry’s first software to provide machine learning optimized read and write cache leveraging NVMe. The intelligent cache manages data on the optimal storage media to get both high performance and cost-effective capacity. This new feature is offered at the price of the disk, meeting both performance and budget needs.

● Qumulo Dynamic Scale enables administrators to leverage newly qualified platforms with the latest processors, memory and storage devices without the need for forklift upgrades, data migrations, or complex storage pool management. Qumulo users can now scale existing deployments with the latest innovations at ease

● Qumulo Secure makes data encryption easy and cost-effective by encrypting all data automatically. No additional third-party applications or key managers are needed, and there is no added cost. Encryption now comes standard, as do all Qumulo features as part of the standard software subscription.

● Instant Upgrades to Qumulo Core allows customers to experience no downtime or maintenance windows as their software upgrades. Downtime is a common pain point among customers in the industry, and Qumulo now enables fast and consistent software upgrades across all cluster sizes.

● Qumulo Shift simplifies the transformation of data from file to object now with a visual interface. This upgrade makes it simple to copy data from a file solution into Amazon S3, and the new visual interface makes it even easier to leverage data in the location and format that makes innovation fastest for customers.

Combined, these upgrades to the Qumulo platform simplify data management and lower operational costs for customers. It allows customers to build and scale their applications with unrivaled freedom, control and real-time visibility.

“Everyone from the marketing group to our dot-com and interactive groups is relying on it. We needed the storage equivalent of a reliable Swiss army knife, and unfortunately, our old system wasn’t cutting it anymore.” – Raoul Edwards, Director, Network Systems Engineering and Field Ops at MSG Networks

“Managing data with Qumulo is so simple that it’s hard to describe the impact. It has given us tremendous ROI in terms of time saved and problems eliminated. Having such reliable storage makes us eager to use it more broadly throughout the company.” – John Beck, IT Manager at Hyundai Mobis.

“With Qumulo making industry-standard AES-256 encryption a standard in their solution, I never need to worry about if my data is at risk.” – Hanoz Elavia, Storage Administrator at Atomic Cartoons