Data Centre Infrastructure Management - Nlyte
CBRE Data Centre Solutions
Data Centre Engineer of the Year
Entry Description
Nirpal has consistently over performed; most recently he has completed the migration of the new client Data Centre Infrastructure Management tool, migrating the entire EMEA campus of 27 Data Centres. He is also now the leading Subject Matter Expert for the entire BNY Mellon EMEA area. Working alongside his regular business as usual duties he managed to complete the task in an astonishing 5 months, 7 months ahead of schedule without any loss of service to the client. Nirpal regularly receives positive comments from the Technical Team Managers within the Bank, all commenting on what a pleasure he is to work with, and nothing is too much to ask. Nirpal meticulously plans events down to the finest detail, highlighting and resolving any issues before they occur, making large changes a simple exercise.

Nirpal has single-handedly configured and populated the clients new DCIM tool, Nlyte. He has received fantastic feedback from the client management team in both EMEA & the Americas.

“Nirpal has become an integral part of the global DCIM deployment team and is considered the DCIM SME for EMEA” Mark Taylor – EMEA DCS Manager

"Nirpal’s knowledge with this new DCIM Nlyte product has grown exponentially to the point where he is indeed the SME for EMEA and the go to person when it comes to discussing any issues & queries. He thoroughly deserves to be nominated." - Roy Griffith - BAU Manager