ISO550001 and M&O Accreditation
CBRE Data Centre Solutions
Data Centre Industry Contribution of the Year
Entry Description
In collaboration with his team, Roydon secured contract extension with the customer. This was based on providing excellent service delivery and reliability. He has been the key person in driving and achieving the M&O and ISO audit, both within the same year.
Over the last 12 months, in collaboration with our client at UBS, Roydon has led the team to achieve ISO 55001 - International Organisation for Standardisation. Obtaining the ISO 55001 Asset Management accreditation has been a major achievement as this has been a long standing objective for our client, particularly given the momentous challenges presented by Covid-19 in 2020. Achieving the ISO550001 marks the Hayes Data Centre, as the first of UBS Data Centres to achieve the accreditation. In doing so; the team have further aligned our asset management strategy against UBS’s wider business objectives.
Roydon and the team also achieved the M&O stamp of approval, achieving a 95% score. He and the team have received numerous commendations from the client and excellent feedback from the BSI auditor, below are a few examples:
"Good Practice was seen in driving collaborative working between UBS and CBRE and shared understanding of the wider business to achieve asset management aims. A very open book approach is taken to asset management between both stakeholders which is resulting in excellent overall performance and relationship between both parties. Customer satisfaction was seen to be very good. The Asset Management Team should be commended on their absolute commitment to the Asset Management System. From precertification through stage 1 and stage 2, their input has been nothing short of outstanding. Special thanks goes to Richard Griffiths, Tony Mitchinson & Roydon Payne for their support showed through the entire process"
"Amazing feedback from the Auditor directly, showing seamless collaboration between MCF/IFM/CBRE and special recognition of individuals efforts" - Jason Clark, UBS Executive Director - Regional Head of Property Management
"A great result and some great feedback from the Auditor yesterday. It has been a great year for the team at Hayes and a big success for CBRE and UBS, especially under the circumstances with all that has been going on with Covid and supporting a major project on site. (5% M&O accreditation and ISO 550001 certification in the same year is something to celebrate!" - Paul Dove, Regional DC and Corporate Property Management Lead
Roydon ability to perform under pressure, his problem-solving skills, talent and dedication to work has been an inspiration to the team. He has demonstrated great leadership skills and building and developing his team. Roydon continually puts his client first and is always striving for excellence.