Africa Metro Real Estate Project and DC Consolidation
CBRE Data Centre Solutions
Data Centre Consolidation/Upgrade/Refresh Project of the Year
Entry Description
Our GLOBAL TECH client had a requirement to strategically reduce overall real estate space across an in country portfolio in Africa. As well and combat increasing local power infrastructure challenges and resilience issues for their Enterprise DC. The enterprise DC facility was a multi-use site that provided call centre space and well and DR capability which added complications to overall real estate strategy planning. They also had an HQ that was underutilised and needed to be included in the over all strategy. An overall metro project was designed to find suitable DC solution in a Colo space to resolve business continuity, return DC to landlord and resize the HQ to fit in the call centre and also renegotiate terms to reduce size as part of the strategic real estate consolidation. The difference was unknown to everyone this would be planned for execution during the Pandemic. The differences or improvements in the overall project would most likely be how the staff reacted to deliver in these demanding circumstances and the conditions they needed to work in with local restrictions regarding permitted travel and sourcing. Overall the customer benefit is obviously in relation to reduced real estate in general, however, this situation the benefit was improving business continuity in challenging and poor local power infrastructure environments in Africa.
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