Pulsant Colocation
Data Centre Hosting/co-location Supplier of the Year
Entry Description
What are your company's key distinguishing features and/or USP?

Pulsant is the UK’s largest regional and only truly nationwide colocation services provider. With a focus on connecting organisations to their digital potential, Pulsant operates 10 enterprise-class UK data centres, stretching from London to Scotland and providing 97% coverage of the UK population
delivering sub 5 millisecond latency.

With fibre network covering all sites, we provide an interconnected fabric to deliver secure, high-performance connectivity. Our colocation services are also supported by a rich portfolio of cloud services (private and public) so that customers can benefit from end-to-end hybrid IT services.

All sites offer high levels of site and server security and are carrier neutral, with more than 30 telco carriers/ISPs and cloud-ready, providing fast access to fully private cloud, Pulsant Enterprise Cloud or public cloud, enabling clients to make the transition from colocation to cloud at their own pace.

One of our key USPs is the fact we are a regional provider with a national reach; large enough to meet organisations’ requirements, yet local enough to deliver a bespoke service to each. We are committed to providing more than just hosting and colocation services; we provide a partnership, taking the time to understand clients’ digital aspirations, challenges and goals.

What tangible impact has your company had on the market and your customers?
Firstly, Pulsant is enabling clients and partners to leverage the benefits of edge computing. Through our regional data centre network, we enable organisations to connect to the UK’s digital edge, allowing hosting and processing to take place closer to where businesses operate. This also solves a range of traditional issues such as latency, managing increasing data volumes, the cost of data transport, and data sovereignty.

More and more UK businesses are realising the advantages of a distributed multi-cloud model over the traditional centralised data centre model and Pulsant is ideally positioned to provide that distributed infrastructure. We have already invested £8 million into our edge infrastructure, connecting our 10 UK data centres using Zayo’s high-performance fibre network. This provides an agile, high-capacity and low-latency network capable of delivering sub 5 millisecond latency to cover 97% of the UK population. All data centres are also configured as “connectivity hubs” which can reach out in a secure, low latency way to digital ecosystems including application users, devices and SaaS providers.

Secondly, we provide cost-effective colocation solutions enabling clients to benefit from economies of scale and high service levels at a lower operational cost. By hosting their infrastructure in a Pulsant data centre, clients can take advantage of the same connections, global reach and benefits as a London or global data centre but at a fraction of the cost.

Thirdly, we can provide clients with the reassurance and confidence they need post-Brexit on data sovereignty and security. All our sites are PCI compliant and ISO accredited and with Pulsant Colocation, clients can connect to a secure, scalable IT infrastructure, with the peace of mind that their data and infrastructure is never far away, easily accessible and always remains in the UK, with no transmissions outside as is common with other data centres.

Finally, we help clients reduce the complexity and navigate their journey to the cloud through our multi-cloud platform connectivity. Every one of our colocation sites is cloud-ready and carrier neutral, and our partnership with Megaport guarantees fast cloud connectivity. This means customers can make the transition from colocation to private and public cloud at a pace they’re comfortable with.

What levels of customer service differentiate you from your competitors?

One of our key differentiators is our focus on servicing the UK’s regional businesses. These are organisations that are large enough to have the complexity and challenges that larger enterprises face, but often not traditionally technology businesses, meaning they often do not have large technology teams. Our local presence allows us to build strong relationships with these clients and, service them well where larger providers often struggle.

We take time to understand each client and understand their business objectives and goals and will tailor our service specific to their unique business requirements. We don’t just leave things there and wait for a call when assistance is needed. We engage with our clients on a regular basis to proactively support them, from continual service improvements to round the clock support.

We also offer a range of industry-leading tiered support services with SLAs to guarantee high availability. Support is available 24/7 with our team able to diagnose a problem via a direct end-user service from the basic data centre infrastructure down to the power cable to the rack or the hose to a heat exchanger — all without having to engage a third-party organisation. This provides clear ownership of the problem and vastly increases the speed of diagnosis and resolution of issues for clients should they occur.

Another differentiator is our network of UK data centres. With 10 interconnected UK sites, clients can spread their estate across multiple sites and easily and cost-effectively scale up their footprint as they grow. We also offer different disaster recovery (DR) options, with failover to DR sites up and running in less than an hour, and data replication between sites in near real time to ensure businesses can keep running even if their site goes down.

What are the major differentiators between your company and your primary competitors?
Unlike many providers, we operate a network of UK enterprise-class data centres enabling us to ensure the security and resiliency of our facilities. We do not rent space or racks from other providers and have a strong focus on security and availability to deliver enterprise level, secure facilities to our clients.

Another one of our main differentiators is the way we integrate multiple technology services into one flexible solution. We take away the headache of integrating complex IT services and make it easier for clients to build a hybrid IT environment that enables and removes limits.

We also offer enhanced connectivity through our partnership with Zayo, which provides the agile, high capacity and low latency network businesses across the UK need to benefit from edge computing. Our data centres are also continually upgraded and refreshed as part of a wider testing and replacement programme. In the last year alone, we invested £2m in upgrades with a further £4m investments planned.

Finally, another differentiator is the flexibility we offer. We can engage in whatever capacity clients need; from just providing colocation space, power and base technical services, to a complete migration. Also, as one of the very few providers in the market that own and operate their own data centres, we can provide flexible colocation contracts to suit changing business needs.

Please supply any supportive quotes and/or case study materials to demonstrate the position of your company in the market.
“Pulsant not only has some of the best connected and high-quality facilities in the country, but it intimately understands how we, as a network provider, want to interface with a data centre provider. As businesses we both understand each other, which allows requests to flow back and forth easily, there’s day-to-day support and maintenance, and it’s easy to make changes to various areas of the network when required – something that isn’t always so easy when working with other providers.”
- Charlie Boisseau, Chief Technology Officer, Commsworld

“Pulsant’s data centres are excellent and well maintained, in terms of security, infrastructure and resilience. The quality of service and security gives me complete peace of mind that our servers that host business critical systems are safe and secure.”
- Alison Quilter, Head of IT, Scottish Building Society

“We would definitely recommend Pulsant to other network service providers. The accessibility of the data centre is simple and user-friendly and we’ve had no problems putting in feeds from all of the carriers we’ve needed to because it’s such a well-connected site. The whole process we’ve had with them on setting everything up has been remarkably smooth. The biggest thing with Pulsant for us will always be the ease of access on site when we need to get to our kit quickly. Other data centres can sometimes make that quite challenging. Pulsant makes things simple.”
- Lucy Elder-Bowles, Network Manager, Magrathea

“By co-locating our high-density server racks with Pulsant, we have access to secure enterprise class data centre facilities without unnecessary capital expense. Pulsant has also helped us to reduce our operational costs through the installation of a WAN, which eliminates the heavy call costs between our Edinburgh and London sites, and the use of high-speed internet connections to support our data intense virtualised platforms. This is vital to help us manage costs which help us comply with the ‘Capital Adequacy’ standards required by the FSA without overburdening our business.”

- Graham Stott, IT Director at 7IM
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