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In the last year we achieved exceptional growth, launched new partnerships, and implemented a series of initiatives which prove our commitment to providing customers with long-term, standardized and sustainable data center solutions to accelerate their digital transformation.

Our greatest achievements in enhancing our data center services were successful capacity growth and underlining and extending our industry leadership in the areas of compliance and sustainability.

In 2020 we commissioned 10 MW of new data center space in six markets and leased 58+ MW of space. We are well-placed to sustain this expansion. Our total current potential capacity (leasable plus under construction + held for development) is 376 MW, with 130 MW of leasable capacity, 89% of which is currently deployed. This does not include our new JV in India with Web Werks, the Indian market leader in hyperconnected infrastructure. Our $150million investment will allow us to accelerate expansion and build capacity to cater to the world’s second-largest telecommunications market. With Web Werks we will operate three tier-3, carrier-neutral data centers in Mumbai, Pune and Delhi-NCR with 850 customers and 20,000 m2 of customer-ready space. As well as supporting expansion of existing facilities, our partnership will extend our connectivity ecosystem and accelerate growth to other major metros across India.

Iron Mountain has the most comprehensive and consistent compliance program in the colocation industry. We go above and beyond to ensure the highest national and regional security standards possible. The IMDC certification program guarantees world-leading security, uptime, performance, efficiency, business administration and continuity procedures, along with premium connectivity and a secure and sustainable physical environment. Third party standards include HIPAA, FISMA High, PCI-DSS, FedRAMP, ISO 27001, 50001, 14001, 9001, Open-IX and relevant IX certifications, and SOC 2/3

Industry First: Global ISO 50001 and ISO 140001 - In 2020 IMDC achieved the first simultaneous, enterprise-wide ISO 50001 Energy Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management certifications in the industry. All of our data centers are now ISO 50001 Energy Management System certified, ensuring continuous improvement of energy efficiency practices and reduction of PUE around the world. In addition, our existing ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification, originally specific to our Amsterdam Data Center, went through a scope expansion to include all sites in the enterprise. We are currently the only global data center provider to offer these accreditations on a worldwide basis.

We offer customers 100% renewable power: in 2020 total power consumption for all sites was 625,313,334 kWh. To add some perspective to that, assuming an average global domestic power usage of 4,000kWh per household that is enough green electricity to power 156,328 homes.

GPP Take-up & Impact - We pass on the carbon credits for this with customers through our innovative Green Power Pass (GPP) reporting solution. The first offering of its kind in the data center industry, GPP was launched two years ago. Using new reporting protocols developed with REBA and the Future of Internet Power, it is a fully transparent solution for companies seeking to report greenhouse gas or CO2 reductions associated with the renewables they consume with IMDC.

A significant proportion of IMDC customers now use GPP to help reach their carbon reduction goals. So far, the solution has been applied by customers using over 33 MW of power.

We are constantly in touch with customers to establish satisfaction levels. Customer feedback on key service aspects makes us confident that we are providing the best possible service:

Resilience: “I was looking at data centers all over the country. I wanted the best, including 100% or near 100% network reliability, multiple upstream providers, divergent paths—all the things that you expect in a data center [With Iron Mountain] I have redundancy on so many levels and that really gives me peace of mind.” Founder & President, Blue Channel Inc.

Network Density: “…the traffic on CBS Interactive properties can peak in aggregate of 15 to 18 GB per second. In searching for a new colocation provider, density was one of our top criteria to help support our customer-facing applications.”
Senior Director of IT Operations, CBS Interactive

Ecosystems: “The Iron Mountain carrier ecosystem is extremely valuable: Getting everyone to peer in the carrier-rich meet-me room is definitely good for our business. Thanks to a great extent to Iron Mountain we have been able to deliver a high-quality network while keeping costs to a minimum, and they are also well placed to help us with the next technical challenges in our development.”
CEO and Founder, YISP

Sustainability: "Akamai believes that operating our business with a small environmental footprint is fundamental to unlocking the potential of the internet and an essential value for our customers and the communities in which we operate. We are pleased to be a partner of Iron Mountain's Green Power Pass allowing us to deliver services to our customers in a sustainable and socially responsible way through 100% renewable power."
EVP Platform & General Manager, Enterprise Division, Akamai
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