Enterprise Disaster Recovery Project
Ajman Municipality and Planning Department
Data Centre Consolidation/Upgrade/Refresh Project of the Year
Entry Description
The Enterprise Disaster Recovery Project is a tier 3 modernized data center and disaster recovery site. It is a highly scalable solution in terms of design, facility and operations (Active-Passive). MPDA implemented the solution using the latest IT industry standards designed to enable the recovery of all MPDA Digital business & IT services at the time of disruptive incidents, disasters and crises. The previous architecture of Data Center lacks scalability and integration capability. Moreover, it included many silos in technologies that did not meet the required business demands. The Project started in September 2019 and included the consolidation of all the siloed technological components into 2 single small boxes, that allowed the carbon foot print to drop massively from 2397t to 67t. Moreover, it reduced the electrical energy consumption from 3,150,000 KWH to 87,600 KWH. The Solution came with extra embedded Features such as: embedded security, high redundancy with great fault tolerance and system resilience. Also, empowered IT operations team to monitor the aspects of physical and environmental security due to built-in sensors, surveillance cameras and holistic real time dashboards. This Project led to a unified architecture for the data center that enable the business digital demands for the next 10 years.
MPDA went beyond the traditional solution. It focused on the instant recovery capability and near to zero loss of data, by leveraging the real time replication of data from the main location to the disaster recovery one. In addition to that, MPDA project team were able to migrate the services from the old platform to the new one smoothly by leveraging great planning and team effort to avoid any impact in the planned down times.
MPDA Leadership team considers this project as an enormous leap in uplifting the technological infrastructure. It focused on upgrading the Main data center from all aspects and building a real time responsive disaster recovery capability. In addition to that, it is the pioneer in this space within Ajman Emirate.
Lots of benefits to the customers, employees and MPDA management were realized after the establishment of those capabilities. It started with achieving compliance to business continuity local and international standards (NCEMA 7001 & ISO 22301), helped in increasing the business resilience to crisis & disruptive incidents. Boosted mission critical services recovery in a record time that went extremely beyond MPDA expectations and the planned objectives. Moreover, the services availability has exceeded the set target and it hit %99.98. In addition to skyrocketing the stakeholder trust due to the advanced security controls embedded in the solution. MPDA Team has faced lots of challenges through the 18 months journey of this project which pushed them to the maximum limits and rapidly accelerates the development of the technical human capabilities to match the new era of advanced technologies.