Re-purposing expended data center heat into affordable sustainable heating solutions powered by renewable energy
QTS Realty Trust
Outstanding Contribution to Sustainability and Efficiency Award
Entry Description
In partnership with WarmteStad, the sustainable utility company for the municipality of Groningen, QTS Realty Trust’s Groningen data center will provide residual heat for a large-scale sustainable district heating project.

In February, WarmteStad began construction of an innovative heating plant on the Zernike campus next to QTS’ Groningen data center. The new plant will capture residual heat generated from cooling towers in data centers. The residual heat passes through heat exchangers to reach the desired temperature. Heat pumps powered by renewable energy deliver the hot water through an existing underground heating network that has been installed at Zernike, Paddepoel and Selwerd

By the end of 2026, WarmteStad will produce sustainable and affordable heat for more than 10,000 households, buildings and knowledge institutions in the northern districts of Groningen. And, by heating with water, buildings can be without a gas connection significantly reducing CO2 emissions and supporting Groningen’s environmental goal to be completely CO2 neutral by 2035.

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