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Hosting/Colocation Innovation of the Year
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What, exactly, is novel about the process/product or innovation?
Hyve Managed Hosting is the first cloud hosting provider in the UK to implement a fully-managed, multi-tenant VMware cloud with DDoS defence built-in and a network capacity that exceeds a terabit.

How does the product or process break with conventional ideas or processes in its field?
Hyve’s fully managed, multi-tenant VMware cloud is a high-performance solution that also offers security, networking and platform/server management layers. It is designed to support businesses of all sizes.

How does it go beyond marginal improvements on something that already exists? How do customers benefit from the product/process or innovation?
Hyve’s customers are able to access the fastest possible I/O without the high cost with SAN technology. They benefit from support that is available around the clock. Running on VMware allows Hyve to offer high availability on all virtual machines as well as a 99.999% SLA

Why Hyve?

Hyve Managed Hosting offers colocation and hosting services across 35 worldwide locations. Through strategic partnerships with leading data centre and bandwidth providers such as Equinix and Global Switch, Hyve gives customers access to world-class, Tier 1 networking with fully managed Tier 3+ data centres across a range of cloud hosting solutions.

Hyve was the first cloud hosting provider to break conventions and set up a fully managed, multi-tenant VMware cloud within the UK, as well as having a network capacity that exceeds a terabit. The company virtualised and consolidated all of its clients onto a virtualised platform before cloud hosting was initially offered by other providers, which now enables Hyve to deliver the high performance, reliability and scalability its customers need.

In a market dominated by global brands, Hyve is known for providing colocation and hosting services backed by market-leading service and support, based on its ‘extra-mile’ customer service ethos. Choosing an enterprise colocation or hosting partner is not a simple decision. With Hyve, the difference lies with its dedicated team of experts, available 24/7 through a non-tiered support system, offering a truly personal approach to service.

Keeping customers “always-on”

This approach is coupled with powerful enterprise-grade infrastructure which has enabled Hyve to deliver consistently high levels of uptime in the past three years. With an ongoing commitment to investment in industry-leading storage solutions, Hyve is also able to provide the fastest possible I/O without the premium price tag of other complex SAN technology.

This reliability is what attracted Creditplus to utilise the managed enterprise cloud solution from Hyve for its new, industry-first self-serve’ car financing solution. Creditplus needed a reliable, managed hosting environment for its virtual showroom, so approached Hyve to host its website after experiencing ongoing issues with the previous provider. The Creditplus developers required a stable and scalable system to build its application on and the migration process was the biggest challenge.

It was expected to take a dedicated team at Creditplus over three months to complete, but Hyve took control and managed the migration with one member of technical staff, allowing Creditplus to continue working on other important elements surrounding the implementation of its digital strategy.

Going beyond the ordinary: Market-leading performance

Performance matters little without reliability, and business hosting demands the highest hardware specifications available. Hyve provides a ‘no compromise’ infrastructure with performance, scalability, reliability and security at its core. Unlike many other hosts, Hyve doesn’t pack shared servers with thousands of domains. Instead, Hyve ensures that each server has plenty of resources available for the number of domains hosted – fewer domains per server.

All of Hyve’s cloud services are built on HPE BladeSystems and HPE 3PAR tiered storage arrays, and running on VMware allows Hyve to offer high availability on all virtual machines with a 99.999% SLA. All solutions are fully managed by Hyve and can be set up to run across multiple data centres for disaster recovery.

Sam Bond, Head of Digital Delivery, at Creditplus stated “From the first meeting, Hyve ensured all questions were answered before signing contracts. The plan was cost-effective and meant resources internally could be used for other key projects.”

Ensuring exceptional service

Hyve’s highly flexible and extremely proactive approach to customer service is undoubtedly its key differentiator when it comes to its hosting and colocation services. Supported by its ‘extra mile’ support culture, Hyve’s customer service team are available 24x7x365, with rapid response times starting from just 20 minutes. The company operates in small teams so that technical staff can keep up familiarity with clients and build long-standing relationships.

By working with Hyve, Creditplus has been able to deliver a groundbreaking online self-serve platform for customers, that is underpinned by Hyve’s attention to customer service.

Explaining why Creditplus chose to work with Hyve, Bond said: “As the development team began to plan the delivery of this ‘self-serve’ journey, we realised we were in need of a multi-server system, and more importantly, consistent and proactive support from a secure, reliable and managed service provider.”

Since deploying Hyve, new features and bug fixes have been iterated and deployed on their servers. One of the key benefits is the reassurance of knowing that the team at Hyve is available when they are needed to implement critical action on their behalf, all without requiring any internal resources.

“In the future, as Creditplus’ marketing campaigns increase and traffic is driven to the site from various PR activities, it’s imperative the architecture will be able to handle dynamic loads and adjust accordingly. Our utmost trust is with Hyve to support this,” added Bond.

Trusted cloud hosting solutions

Hyve offers a wide range of cloud service offerings, enabling customers with any requirements to find a suitable solution. These offerings include the four main types of cloud: managed, private, public, and hybrid.

Managed cloud
Hyve’s fully managed, multi-tenant VMware cloud builds upon its performance and scaling capabilities by adding security, networking and platform/server management layers. It also offers a range of management services across the whole infrastructure stack, supporting businesses of all sizes.

Private cloud
Hyve’s private cloud runs on hardware fully dedicated to each individual organisation, and the absence of shared resources ensures that customers have the highest level of security for their data. Please see attached case study regarding one of Hyve's Private Cloud customers who Hyve helped scale massively during the pandemic.

Public cloud
Businesses can reduce the risks of adopting a public cloud service provider, such as AWS, Azure or Google, by working with Hyve to create a realistic deployment plan and to add the vital layer of continuous management. Unlike other public cloud offerings, Hyve’s customers have to go through an extensive vetting, checking and due diligence process before they can access the network, giving businesses complete reassurance.

Hybrid cloud
Hyve’s hybrid cloud offering is a flexible cloud hosting solution that can utilise a combination of on-premises, private cloud and managed cloud services that all work in tandem. Using only the fastest and most robust hardware available, this approach provides businesses with the security and control of a private cloud, and the flexibility and cost savings presented by the public cloud.

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