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Granulate is a company providing real-time, autonomous computing optimization solutions that deliver reduced compute costs, faster response time, and better throughput, without any code changes required. Organizations use the cloud for increased flexibility and to power rapid growth but are faced with growing cloud compute bills.
Companies of all sizes and across all industries are becoming increasingly data-driven – even those that traditionally did not require significant computing needs. This rising demand has become a large cost driver for business. Granulate’s unique approach to workload prioritization for big data and computing resources has an enormous impact on optimizing the demand typically required for all workloads, big data included.
Companies chose the cloud for clear reasons- flexibility in scaling and convenience. However, with computing demands growing so too have cloud costs.
A recent survey conducted by Granulate of senior DevOps and IT professionals from companies across various industries found that over 50% of respondents to the survey stated that their server utilization rate is only 20-40% - despite the fact that respondents listed improving performance as a top priority.
Engineered for cloud and hybrid environments alike, Granulate's next-generation solution provides AI-driven, infrastructure and workload optimization for robust compute performance and cost improvements, empowering businesses of any size from any industry by bolstering their computing power while slashing computing costs.
Granulate helps to solve that issue by tailoring computing power to the specific needs of an enterprise in real-time resulting in unprecedented workload performance improvements. Continuously making OS-level adaptions Granulate autonomously optimizes computing resources available, enabling companies from any industry to do more: serve more customers, offer better products and services, and turbocharge innovation.
Companies that have implemented Granulate have reduced compute expenses by up to 60%, benefitting from a 40% response time reduction and 5X increase in throughput. In 2020 alone, Granulate saved 3,344,392,800 Core Hours which translated to over $21M in savings for its customers.
Even though cloud infrastructure offers flexibility and autoscaling that is intended to ensure customized CPU allocation, 46% of those surveyed responded that autoscaling rules activated when CPU usage was only between 30-50%. Companies migrating to the cloud maintain the same practices and utilization thresholds as they did pre-migration, leading to low resource utilization and relatively low thresholds for autoscaling - impacting company-wide productivity.
Implementing Granulate has had an enormous impact on measurable metrics, including:
● Lowering compute costs by up to 60% by requiring fewer machines to process the same demand.
● Upgrading performance with up to 40% reduction in response time, greatly improving the quality of service provided to customers.
● Increasing throughput by up to 5X, with each machine handling a greater load than pre-Granulate implementation.
Granulate’s solution provides demonstrable value and significant improvements in metrics when installed by companies that have not implemented optimization tools as well as companies that are operating other solutions (system configuration and workload orchestration).
Granulate’s immediate optimization solution can transform a company’s capabilities, freeing resources, and R&D to focus on new products and iterations while also creating significant savings with reduced compute and power requirements. In 2020 alone, Granulate saved 3,344,392,800 Core Hours which translated to over $21M in savings for its customers.
Successful implementations include:
● Perion reduced CPU utilization by 60%, which in turn lowered compute costs by 52%.
● Startapp reduced latency by 30% and cut compute costs by 33%.
● Coralogix increased throughput by 10% while reducing CPU utilization by 29% and compute costs by 45%.
Granulate is not an optimization recommendation engine, it is a reparative solution – identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies and immediately solving them.
To win the trust of customers that are hesitant about trying new, unproven solutions, Granulate has made their POCs as quick and easy as possible, requiring no R&D efforts, and with the ability to be trialed on as few as one machine in order to demonstrate significant value. All this has resulted in an easily testable atmosphere for companies that are not able to host time-consuming and complicated POCs.
Singular, a marketing intelligence platform, needed to optimize its cloud infrastructure performance and reduce costs in order to meet evolving demand. Singular, whose platform is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), was searching for a way to improve the response time of some mission-critical services, enhance the user experience of its services, and allow for scaling infrastructure without jeopardizing its guaranteed SLA.
To test the Granulate solution, Singular deployed Granulate agents in passive mode on several of its platform’s core workloads. Following the learning phase, and in accordance with the agent activation, Singular received an immediate improvement of 55% in response time and a 34% reduction in CPU utilization on that service. The swift results empowered Singular to activate Granulate’s agents on their entire cluster. Singular witnessed a reduction of 43% in job completion time on DP service. The optimized results led to an over 30% reduction in cloud spend.

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