Data Centre Engineer of the Year Abdulnasser Saleh Thabit
Ajman Municipality and Planning Department
Data Centre Engineer of the Year
Entry Description
Abdulnasser Saleh Thabit is self-motivated, proactive and enthusiastic senior critical system specialist data center engineer and specialist with 24 years of track record of achievements in delivering the advanced support and improvement the technical support solutions, managing infrastructure currently working in Ajman Municipality and planning Department.
Abdulnasser's leadership , technical skills and vast experience and knowledge about data Center operations and management procedures specifically with complex infrastructure environments led to the major success of the implementation and development of the disaster and recovery data center project.
Implementing such a complex project is the most important segment in our business especially that protecting our digital services and assets is a critical component our business because disasters can wipe out computer systems and data information instantly hence disaster recovery systems and plans needs to be well thought out and able to bring operations up and running quickly with zero downtime and minimum loss.
Leading the mission critical data center operations Abdulasser initiated and implemented various mission critical objectives and innovations that facilitated effective co-ordination of recovery tasks that led to reducing the complexity of the recovery process eliminating the human elements and efforts involved in the process of recovery thus maintained the highest level of reliability and efficiency of our e services and availability of our operations.
Abdulnasser conducted GAP analysis , identified SWOT and was responsible for providing contingency plans , disaster recovery planning and prevention programs which is an essential to our business functions , he setup appropriate RTOs and RPOs and ensured the highest level of protection from downtime and data loss and minimized the duration of serious disruptions to our critical business operations.
The successful and cost effective completion of such a mission critical project requires close cooperation of stakeholders and management across all Information Systems across the entire organization Abdulnasser's methodology emphasized key successful factors and points which focused on providing management with a comprehensive understanding of the total effort required to develop and maintain an effective recovery plan and he obtained commitment from appropriate senior management to support and participate in the effort , he selected technical project teams to ensure the proper balance required for disaster recovery planning , testing and development . He insured all silo systems and processes are consolidated and integrated into the business plan and system development processes in order for the plan to remain running and assure it is viable over time.
Among his proudest achievements, the Distinction Award as best employee in 2006 and various letters of appreciation for his outstanding delivery in Ajman Municipality
He participated in various conferences and was awarded a certificate of appreciation from His Highness Sheikh Rashid Humaid Al Nuaimi regarding participation in Ajman's Conference in 2013.
Abdulnasser developed various IT and telecom courses and conducted and delivered various inhouse and online courses that contributed and added value to the Learning and knowledge management objectives of the organization across various departments and sectors.
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