Bare Metal Cloud: API-Driven Dedicated Servers by phoenixNAP
Data Centre ICT Automation/Orchestration Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
phoenixNAP is on a mission to simplify the complex relationship between agile software development and infrastructure management operations. Its recently launched Bare Metal Cloud server platform is an innovative ICT Automation/Orchestration solution, providing DevOps teams with tools and resources they need for running CI/CD workloads on physical machines with ease and simplicity.

Available in the US, Europe, and Singapore, Bare Metal Cloud is a go-to IT platform for organizations looking to modernize their IT and optimize their development processes.

Bare Metal Cloud differentiates from other available IaaS solutions in that it blends the key benefits of dedicated and cloud environments. It offers access to high-performance dedicated servers on a pay-per-use basis, offering improved performance potential, scalability, and cost-efficiency. It is a simple and user-friendly way to deploy, manage, and scale physical servers with cloud-like flexibility and elasticity. With over 20 server instance types to choose from, DevOps teams can deploy powerful physical machines in a matter of minutes. Bare Metal Cloud servers can be automatically deployed and orchestrated across the US, Europe, and Asia via API and CLI tools or with the most popular Infrastructure as Code tools like Terraform, Ansible, Pulumi, and Chef.

Powered by the latest generation processors, Bare Metal Cloud servers deliver exceptional performance, reliability, and stability essential for running testing, integration, and production environments. There are no pre-installed virtualization layers. Bare Metal Cloud truly runs on bare metal, giving developers unlimited access to the hardware and the freedom to build tailor-fit CI/CD environments without worrying about resource sharing.

The platform was built from the ground up by an international DevOps team spread across different time zones using proven time-tested solutions and open-source technologies. There is no vendor lock-in. No proprietary technologies. Bare Metal Cloud embraces a no-nonsense approach to infrastructure.

Bare Metal Cloud feature rundown:

● Non-virtualized physical machines
● Lightning-fast deployments in minutes
● 20+ server instance types
● Up to 50 Gbps network capacity per server
● Public and private networking options
● DDoS protected network
● Cost-effective bandwidth packages
● Powered by Intel Xeon Scalable processors
● Local NVMe and S3-compatible storage options
● Certified Terraform, Ansible, and Pulumi modules (more in development)
● Open-source automation scripts and IaC modules on GitHub
● Robust and easy-to-use API and CLI tools
● Available in Phoenix, Ashburn, Amsterdam, and Singapore
● Hourly pricing; monthly and yearly reservations
● Getting started resources and helpful tutorials
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