Edge Computing Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
The Datacenter created by SMS Engineering is a project of very high technological value to support the processes of one of the most important packaging companies in Italy and with several plants in Europe, USA and ASIA. The production plant is equipped with over 400 different molds with a fully automated packaging system thanks to an Industry 4.0 digitization project where its beating heart is the Datacenter.
The new technological trends for Industry 4.0 require a basic infrastructure that is Resilient, Available, Scalable, Efficient and monitored in absolute security even remotely from any device connected to the Internet and to the corporate network. The degree of competitiveness of businesses will also depend on the ability to manage digital services from the Core to the Edge. To achieve this, the fundamental requirement is to create an IT infrastructure that is resilient, highly available, scalable, connected, integrated into a HYBRID architecture.
All companies will need to develop the ability to rapidly deploy IT resources near where the data is generated. This is to ensure the use of data close to the source, reduce latency time, be able to support highly critical Real Time applications such as smart manufacturing, augmented reality, we think of highly critical applications such as autonomous vehicles or assisted surgery, all this will increase. the need to build more resilient and safer EDGE sites.
Success in the era of digital transformation requires new reflections on the consumption of IT resources in increasingly "intelligent" sites.
Preparing to manage IT through the Edge will be the key to increasing business speed, enabling dynamic business scaling and ensuring greater operational flexibility even in severe emergency situations. We must therefore apply in all market areas the best practices that we have already seen in the Datacenter areas, to create Edge sites thanks to your experience and our solutions.
These infrastructures, although small in size, being highly critical, are inspired by many of the Best Practices of the UPTIME INSTITUTE from which the main Datacenters of today's CLOUD are made.
In a context of factory redesign towards industry 4.0, the novelty is a convergence between IT and OT to support industry 4.0 by redesigning all processes, applications, networks and security with a view to greater productivity and cost reduction ( no downtime plant) through the edge data center. Factory data cannot go to the cloud due to the long latency time, we have a peripheral edge.
This data center has a really strong integration between all layers of the stack from level 1 to level 7, a real first in the industry. We have re-engineered all the factory infrastructure in IOT logic that can be monitored locally and remotely through any mobile device, having created a highly resilient edge datacenter like today's large cloud data centers, taking inspiration from the best practices of the Uptime Institute. A Customer Benefit is the operational continuity of all IT Infrastructere by putting the edge data center in the middle. Data analysis and relative translation data business information anticipates potential problems and corrective actions (Predictive Analysis)
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