KOHLER KD Series - KD4000 and KD4500 generators
Kohler Power Systems
Data Centre Power Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
Brought to market in November 2020, the KD4000 and KD4500 diesel-powered generator sets represent the most powerful generators on the market today at 4000kVA and 4500kVA (50Hz) respectively, and all powered by the KOHLER KD103V20 high-speed diesel engine.

With the KD SERIES generating sets, KOHLER provides the market with truly reliable solutions. These generators are characterized by low fuel consumption, unprecedented power density, extended maintenance intervals and unequalled compactness for a wide range of mission-critical applications such as data center, health, airports, industry and power plants.

This release expands the limits of diesel generators and sets KOHLER apart with its breadth of product in this range.

Ten years of R&D were needed to develop this range during which each component was designed and tested in our laboratories to offer the best performance while maintaining the highest industry standards.

As a consequence, the KD SERIES generating sets offer the best performance of their category regarding fuel consumption, optimised sound level and power density. Their conception optimizes the high-temperature performance up to 50°C.

Featuring a “crossflow” design and new valve orientation, our innovative cylinder head design includes more efficient fuel delivery, minimal low-temperature fuel return, combustion and exhaust gas flow, materials chosen for better performance and a strengthened structure.

Designed and developed specifically for this KD engine series, an intuitive Engine Control Unit (ECU) works with the generator set controller—receiving important engine operating data and allowing the generator set controller to manage the entire system. This includes a number of physical parameters for optimal control of the injection system and long-life service. It is designed to work seamlessly within the generator set and to communicate with KODIA, our intuitive diagnostic software, to allow monitoring of the engine performance.

A notable and increasing demand on power in mission-critical applications means that engineers in these sectors must constantly juggle efficient power generation with environmental and regulatory concerns.

These new generators are designed to deliver extreme durability and ultimate reliability in a variety of emergency and prime applications. The modular design of the KD103V20-powered generator sets is larger than its V16 and V12 counterparts and delivers unprecedented power density and unrivalled performance.
Matched turbochargers are engineered for maximum power and response while high ambient cooling systems ensure performance is maintained in the most extreme environments. The engine features a high-pressure common-rail, precise fuel injection system that can deliver pressures up to 2200 bars. Multiple fuel mapping options allow for optimised fuel consumption in non-emissions regulated regions, as well as emissions optimisation in Europe, U.S., Canada and other regulated regions. This means that the generators can be deployed globally without worry.

As a consequence of this top-of-the-line fuel consumption, customers can expect a reduction in the total cost of ownership. Other environmental impacts taken into consideration include a closed-loop regeneration crankcase ventilation system and rigid block, crankcase and sub-frame to reduce noise and vibration.

The generators are also equipped with the APM802 controller that ties the entire system together for a seamless customer experience. The APM802 control unit provides enhanced performance and monitoring features such as (+/-.25%) voltage regulation, expanded inputs and outputs, a large twelve-inch colour touchscreen, redundant ethernet communication ring, and the ability to parallel as many as thirty-two generator sets.

With a KD SERIES generator up to 4500kVA, KOHLER can now offer customers the largest and most power-dense diesel generator in the marketplace.

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