Rack Centre Carrier Neutral Data Centre Underpins Africa’s Digital Transformation
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What, exactly, is novel about the product /process or innovation?
• Reputation for Outstanding Customer Service: Feedback on customer service surveys are consistently high, with the last survey indicating 100% exceeded or met customer expectations.
• TCCF Certification: Only carrier-neutral facility in the region to be TCCF III certified by the Uptime Institute.
• Connectivity Ecosystem: The only TCCF certified Tier III facility in the region hosting a Point of Presence (POP) of a globally recognised Tier 1 Carrier, Orange and other Tier 1 carriers actively in the process. We have established and nurtured business relationships with other international carriers such as WIOCC, Liquid Telecom and BringCom. The most comprehensive data inter-connect platform at Tier III for connecting Nigeria hosting over 40 carriers, ISPs and MNOs directly connected to Rack Centre Meet Me Room. All 5 undersea cables servicing the Atlantic Coast of Africa (ACE, GLO1, MainOne, SAT-3, WACS) are directly connected. Therefore, every country on the Atlantic coast of Africa is directly connected.
• Reliability: 100% uptime since launch without a second of downtime in an environment with challenging power infrastructure value chain.
• Scalability: Scalable to the largest single location capacity in the region of over 13MW of IT power and a total net lettable white space of 6000 square metres. Other country and regional locations to follow.
• Facility Intrinsic Quality: Rack Centre as an institution remains committed to the adoption of international best practises and global standards that underpins our operational philosophy, which is built around security, reliability/continuity and safety. In the last 3 years, we have meticulously driven our certification strategy by achieving ISO27001:2013 and ISO22301:2012 certification without a single non-conformity and successful recertifications. At Rack Centre it is not just about being certified to these standards, we operate by these standards as a culture and way of life.
• Cloud Ecosystem: Rack Centre CloudonGround™ ecosystem is a cloud-neutral, carrier dense environment of cloud services, the leading local and regional cloud exchange.
• Rack Centre “Cloud on Ground™” provides the first and most comprehensive heterogeneous marketplace for Cloud Services, hosted, and delivered ‘on ground’ within Rack Centre. The ecosystem consists of a range of strategic partnerships with:
• IBM- for Cloud services;
• Microsoft/Wragby for Azure services;
• Oracle – generating market success with the Oracle Cloud platform;
• Shelt – Email Security and Net Gen Firewall services
• Global Accolades: Track record of global recognition for excellence as the only African company to have been a winner of Data Centre Dynamics awards in 2015 and 2018, winner of 2018 Capacity Europe Global Carriers Awards for the “Best Data Centre Innovation” (Finalist in the “Best Data Centre” category), Winner of 2018 prestigious Datacloud Europe Awards for regional excellence in the “Data Centre Geographical Location” and proudly a runner-up at 2017, 2018 and 2019 DCS awards in multiple categories.

How does the product or process break with conventional ideas or processes in its field?

We have oriented the market from an own data centre build mindset to colocation; corporates in all verticals now elect to host with Rack Centre reducing total cost of ownership. We have transformed the inherent reliability of customers IT platforms.
We continue to reorient the market and accelerate Africa digital transformation with the recent Actis controlling stake in Rack Centre and commenced further investment of $100m that will increase capacity by an additional 13MW of IT power capacity in our Lagos campus.
We have established indisputable world-class standards and norms in Sub- Saharan Africa, being the first in 2017 to achieve TCCF Tier III Certification, delivering engineering excellence and 100% uptime despite the infrastructure constraints and challenges inherent in the region.

• The most connected Tier III data centre in Africa transforming the underpinning ecosystem for colocation and cloud services. Customers save up to 30% in connectivity cost due to the ecosystem effect.
• Our Cloud services brings locally hosted computing to an estimated 45 million strong Nigerian SMEs transforming efficiency and GDP growth.

• Rack Centre a Nigerian company is now globally recognised and respected as world-class in improving the technology industry. We have set new baseline standards in Africa and a market recognition for high quality world-class edge data centres at scale.

• We have cultivated sophisticated local talent, highly skilled data centre talent that is Globally recognised in the Data Centre Industry as seen in the People excellence awards achieved:

• Rack Centre Managing Director, Ayotunde Coker was the only African recognised by Data Economy as the EDGE30 Global Edge Computing Leaders of 2020 for his leadership in making Rack Centre into a household name and a leading and respected data centre brand in Africa, with global recognition and numerous international awards.

• Ejieke Ezeadiugwu, the Head of Marketing & Communications was recognised by Data Economy #CMO50 2020 as one of The World’s 50 Most Influential Marketing Leaders delivering change and advancing the data centre, cloud and edge computing markets.
• Winner of the 2019 Data Centre Dynamics (DCD) Awards for the “Data Center Operations Team of the Year” category.
• Sunday Opadijo, Chief Engineer, winner at 2018 Data Centre Dynamics Award for the “Data Centre Manager of the Year”.
• Collins Nmor, Data Centre Engineer was chosen as Data Economy “The 30 under 30” young people leading the data centre, cloud and data industries
Rack Centre fully connects Nigeria, Africa and the World!

How does it go beyond marginal improvements on something that already exists?
• High level of recorded customer satisfaction with 100% of customer recording ‘Exceed Expectation’ in customer satisfaction surveys. We have achieved this through a passion for the customer and customer orientation and experience in everything we do.
• Infrastructure and operational efficiency are our key drivers for maintaining 100% uptime, zero downtime since the launch in October 2013.
• Cost optimisation and efficiency in inter-connectivity because of the comprehensive carrier ecosystem customers typically save up to 30% in connectivity costs at Rack Centre.
• Consistent track record of achieving seamless zero downtime migration of customer assets to Rack Centre, which has been described as ‘outstanding’ by some.
• TCCF Tier III Certification gives customers reassurance and confidence in the availability and reliability of our services.
• We host Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria and Regional Exchange Point of West Africa helping to achieve a significant threefold increase in local internet volume.
• Values of ‘authenticity’ and ‘ethics’ make us stand out from the competition; we say what we do and do what we say. This has created an unassailable level of market trust in Rack Centre, essential for such critical infrastructure.

How do customers benefit from the product/process or innovation?
Dense Carrier Neutral Connectivity @ Tier III:
Rack Centre provides network dense carrier-neutral connectivity and a cloud exchange ecosystem to organisations that require world-class hosting with exceptionally low latency connectivity across Africa, Europe, South America and North America. We provide comprehensive connectivity at Tier III that is unrivalled on the continent.

All 5 Undersea Cables (ACE, GLO1, MainOne, SAT-3, WACS) are directly connected to Rack Centre and accessible through at least 10 carriers. All countries on the Atlantic coast of Africa are directly connected to Rack Centre, ensuring countries with at least 500 million population are within low latency connectivity to Rack Centre. There is network abundance with over 40 local carriers, MNOs and ISPs in Nigeria directly connected. The Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria (IXPN) and Regional West Africa Internet Exchange Point (RIXP) are hosted in Rack Centre, providing Internet transaction domiciliation in the country and region. Banks that host at Rack Centre have seen up to 30% reduction in total connectivity costs.

LOCATION: We are 30 metres above sea level in a private estate and an industrial area well served by connectivity and utilities.

Sophisticated Power Infrastructure in Sub Saharan Africa:
Rack Centre has generated its independent power to keep its obligation of operating a secure and reliable world-class data centre comparable in quality to any found globally. We have constructed and put in place very sophisticated N+N power architecture that is a part of achieving the Uptime Tier III Certification of Constructed Facility (TCCF).
We are implementing industrial dedicated gas power infrastructure. Solar based power substitution technologies are under investigation to reduce the power generated with positive environmental impact.

Our modular power infrastructure is flexible, we can reconfigure current set up and future customers demand. In 2016, we reconfigured the existing Power generating systems setup from 2 x 600kVA and 2 x 1000kVA to 2 x (1000kVA and 600kVA) without a second of downtime. In 2018, we increased our power generating installed capacity, with the commissioning of 2000kVA with zero downtime.

Advanced Cooling Technology:
Rack Centre targets regional industry leading Power Utilisation Efficiency (PUE) benchmarks and will contribute towards [Sustainable Development Goals] in particular Affordable and Clean Energy, Industry Innovation and Infrastructure and Climate Action.


“We chose Rack Centre as our preferred Colocation partner because they are Central Bank of Nigeria Tier III Data Centre, Certified Tier III Constructed Facility data centre with proven reliability and driven by efficiency. Rack centre is located at the highest elevation in Lagos mainland, away from the flood zone.
Their staff are hardworking, dedicated and willing to go beyond to deliver excellent service without compromising standards- very reputable team with integrity”.
Clement Odigie Aigbomian, Head, Enterprise Platforms and Data Centre Management

“We chose to Colocate at Rack Centre because they have a track record of 100% Uptime availability. Since we moved to Rack Centre we have enjoyed best-in-class services”.
Oluwakemi Orimoloye, Head Global Data Centre Services

“In retrospect, Rack centre has exceeded expectation on the level of service they committed to providing when we moved our Primary centre to their facility about 2 years ago. We have enjoyed 100% uptime while reducing the cost of maintaining an in-house data centre significantly.
This consequently improved service availability and helped optimize resources. They have a very responsive team that promptly attend to our requests in the most professional manner. I will definitely recommend them to other companies considering datacentre hosting/collocation and associated services.”
Olufemi Ajayi, IT Service Delivery Manager

“Our experience with Rack Centre since we signed up with them as our collocation partner has been great. Our migration was handled very professionally and concluded within the timeline. They take occupational health practices seriously and does not compromise on maintaining quality and set standards. The experience of maintaining 100% data centre uptime since we moved in with them is highly commendable”.
Chris Onyeneke, Divisional Head, Information Technology

Standard Chartered Bank
“This is to also convey our delight on the professionalism and support your staff displayed throughout the migration period. My colleague from Kenya who came down to support us for the migration was in awe of the thoroughness, diligence, practice, standard and the overall system of your organisation and staff. He was impressed and confessed that the quality of Tier III colocated facility in other African regions pales in comparison with what he saw and experienced in Rack Centre”.
Ekwochi Njeze, PMP, Manager, Network and Channels,
Nigeria Country Technology Management – TechOps, GTO
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