IPification. Building the Backbone of Mobile Authentication of Today and Tomorrow
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In the mobile and digital age, users require a FAST and SEAMLESS mobile authentication solution. However, mobile cyber crime and frauds are becoming the never-ending headache for CIOs, app developers and Mobile Network Operators need a SECURE solution they can rely on.

Sadly, online privacy is already compromised through most of the existing services; all the parties in the ecosystem seek an authentication factor which will not require sensitive data to be shared to third parties.

With IPification, online service providers ranging from banking apps, st reaming apps, email service providers, social networks, online gaming platforms and so forth will have the capability to uplift their user experience through a hassle-free user flow, whilst enhancing the security of their service with our top-notch security protocol and standards.

Our bullet-proof security and privacy protection are created with a unique Mobile ID. IPification is using proprietary technology to create a unique Mobile ID by hashing several key telecom network-related information embedded on every SIM card such as MSISDN, IMSI and IMEI. These values can detect any sensitive changes related to the SIM card or device. The Service URI is another crucial element of the Mobile ID. Combining with the above-mentioned values, it ensures the Mobile ID created will be unique on the service level. By doing so, it will be virtually impossible to track the user across digital touch-points (most often for, but not limited to, marketing and advertising purposes). Therefore, users’ privacy can be completely safeguarded.

As an OS and device-agnostic solution, IPification makes the hassle-free user flow possible as users can be authenticated without performing any action. It can seamlessly authenticate the mobile users based on their Public IP address while the users are “on-net”. Though changes of Public IP (and port values) on the user’s side could be frequent, IPification is still always able to identify and resolve all those different IP addresses changes.

IPification is a unique, proprietary seamless technology protected by patents: HK (1248463); US (15928348); UK (1803719.2).

1. A new revenue stream: IPification is a new and secure technology leveraging mobile network technical capabilities that have never been commercialised. With IPification, operators can gain a brand-new revenue stream as they will receive a fee for each successful IPification API call (authentication) payable by the service providers.

Moreover, with the zero-rating IPification auth URL for mobile data access (for zero-rated services and campaigns such as WhatsApp, Viber, LinkedIn etc.), network operators can also expand their service reach and open new ways to monetise pre-paid subscribers with no credit or airtime left via the seamless authentication fee service providers are paying for.

2. The central role in the digital ecosystem and mobile identity market : For 2FA and MFA providers, it has always been challenging to strike a balance between security and the user experience (UX). IPification has a perfect blend of high-security and UX, making it a unique solution that will offer operators a central role in the mobile identity arena.

3. Enhancing security and brand image: By offering a fully secure and seamless authentication to service providers, network operators can display their commitment to keeping subscribers safe, thus increasing the brand image and the lifetime user value.

4. A solution for 5G and IoT: With the advance of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the arrival of 5G, users will be more dependent on their mobile devices and app. Therefore, IPification can forge a seamless and secure mobile internet experience with operators and contribute to the smart city transformation as well.

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