Nfina’s Edge-Cloud Solution
Nfina Technologies
Edge Computing Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
Nfina's Edge-Cloud solutions combines the high performance and reduced latency of on-site (Edge) compute with the security of cloud-based storage at an affordable monthly cost. We also include Managed Services that allows businesses to off-load IT operations to us, enabling organizations to focus on their business goals while we deal with the challenges of an optimized IT environment. We are able to customize an Edge-Cloud solution for each client individually.

• We work with organizations to help them understand the threats to their business and become an important ally in their business continuity planning
• We provide information and develop procedures needed to maintain or quickly restore business functions in the event of a major disruption
• We assume responsibility for the systems we support and rapidly respond to any issues that arise
• If an organization already has a hybrid strategy and has moved email and Office to Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud, we can manage their public cloud too
• Every solution we offer includes 24x7 monitoring and management by our expert team
• Organizations deal with one vendor instead of having to manage multiple vendors

Unlike typical IT infrastructure solutions, Nfina's Edge-Cloud solution combines on-prem edge compute and storage with cloud-based compute and storage, plus includes complete end-to-end managed services. This combination delivers enhanced performance and provides redundancy both on-prem and in the cloud which helps avoid downtime.

Nfina's Edge-Cloud Solution Provides:
• On-Prem Edge delivers high performance and low latency
• Maximum uptime with on-prem compute and backup
• Reduce risk with 8 copies of your data
• Cluster-to-cluster replication plus cloud-based backup and DR
• Data Center Flexibility
• Everything is included in affordable monthly payment
• Reduced cost with no cap-ex and no upfront or hidden cost
• Fully managed turnkey solution with a single point of contact
• Includes annual DR plan/check so your DR is ready if you need it
• Customizable and scalable, we work with you to develop your IT infrastructure
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