Keeping the world connected through lockdown
Data Centre Consolidation/Upgrade/Refresh Project of the Year
Entry Description
As the coronavirus lockdown in March 2020 led to a surge in video calls, video conferencing companies around the world urgently required more data centre infrastructure and bandwidth to deal with the influx of conference calls. This is where the quality, speed and technical knowledge of Intelligent Servers benefited one video conferencing company that urgently required more network capacity to support new users.

Since launching operations in 2013, the global provider of video conferencing services has surpassed $100 million in sales and has grown to have nine offices across five continents. The company guarantees its enterprise customers 99.99% uptime, so when the coronavirus pandemic hit, and in turn the surge in video conferencing, it was essential they received a quality solution to their growing infrastructure requirements quickly to minimise disruption.

The company was looking for the same M1000e Enclosure and M620 Blade configurations they already had in their data centres, so the new hardware could quickly and easily integrate with their current infrastructure. As the first day of lockdown approached, the Head of Procurement contacted their original IT supplier who was unable to fulfil their needs in the required timescale. When she came across Intelligent Server’s online, the Head of Procurement reached out for a quote. With over 100,000 IT parts in stock, we were able to configure, test and deliver one full unit within two days of the first order. The company was so impressed with the speed and quality of the first unit, they ordered three more and then a further four units to deploy in their data centres across the UK.

The project consisted of Eight Dell PowerEdge M1000e Enclosures each housing sixteen Dell PowerEdge M620 Blade Servers resulting in a total of 128 Blades. Each Blade was configured with two Intel Xeon E5-2680v2, 10-Core, 2.80GHz Processors, 64GB of Memory, Network Cards, RAID Controllers, SD Cards, iDRAC Cards and SSDs. The build came with all the Rail Kits, Power Supplies, Cables and Controllers required for a complete installation. They also purchased sixteen Dell PowerConnect M8024-K 10Gb Switches and Modules to seamlessly integrate the new Blades into their existing data centre infrastructure.

The total cost for all of the refurbished hardware was £160,000 inc vat. By choosing quality refurbished hardware from Intelligent Servers, the video conferencing company saved hundreds of thousands of pounds on the project compared to if they had gone directly to Dell for new hardware. This included a 70% cost saving on Memory and a massive 93% saving on SSDs. All of the hardware came with a three year warranty including remote setup and support for complete peace of mind.

Intelligent Servers is delighted to have been able to support this video conferencing company during lockdown as well as numerous other businesses who’s IT requirements unexpectedly and rapidly changed during the pandemic.
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