Cloud-Native Workload Protection Platform
Data Centre ICT Security Product of the Year
Entry Description
Portshift's Cloud-Native Workload Protection Platform is a single pane of glass Kubernetes security solution for containers that delivers rich context, declarative policy enforcement, improved risk profiling, vulnerability management, runtime detection and remediation for cloud native applications.

Powered by deep integration with Kubernetes, it is the only Kubernetes-native solution offering an agentless approach with the Kubernetes admission controller for seamless integration and native enforcement.

Portshift enables Kubernetes-native guardrails on deployed containers to prevent suspicious activities and dynamically micro-segments them against runtime threats. The solution empowers DevOps and Security teams to continuously protect their growing Kubernetes environments and multi-clusters. DevOps and security professionals utilize the power of this lightweight solution to protect from threats and vulnerabilities across images, containers, runtime deployments and Kubernetes infrastructure.
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