Development of a chess landscape system for tournaments and olympiads FIDE WorldChess
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Entry Description
Usetech created a new, unique chess landscape for FIDE World Chess. The WorldChess resource is the only official Broadcast broker for FIDE and allows any organizer of any chess event to connect and broadcast their competitions. At the moment, thanks to the developed resource, the broadcasts of the World Olympics in Batumi have passed, the dramatic finale World Championship in London, all Grand Prix of the cycle of the World Cup 2019-2020, including the Moscow Open, as well as about a hundred smaller events.

Usetech has created a unique chess landscape for World Chess, FIDE's commercial partner, bringing together chess players from around the world for the first time. As part of the development of the system, the functionality demanded by the chess community was implemented, which includes: chess analytics, billing in a paid circuit, detailed results and tournament nets, player passports with a detailed profile, the ability to independently change the course of the game, and this is only a small part. At the moment, thanks to the developed resource, the World Olympic Games in Batumi, the dramatic World Championship final in London and all the Grand Prix of the 2019 World Cup cycle have been broadcasted.

In June 2020, World Chess launched a new online chess platform with an official online FIDE rating. Usetech employees have implemented the functionality of an international gaming platform, using and implementing modern technologies: the latest anti-cheat system based on a neural network, the rating of all players recorded in the Blockchain system, as well as the functionality of online tournaments on a turnkey basis. Now everyone can get official online titles from the comfort of their home at the FIDE Online Arena (
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