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What are your product's/solution's key distinguishing features and/or USP?

The new Nexpand cabinet platform, has been designed and built from the ground up based around four values: Smart, Solid, Secure and Sustainable. With the feature-rich Nexpand platform customers can rely on a scalable and future-proof platform meeting increased data center technology demands as a result of the exponential rise in Digitalization, Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, Edge and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Over a two-year period, R&D as well as multiple user input sessions, has resulted in a unique IT cabinet solution offering for data centers that fully meets customer demands (made for and by customers), that are scalable and evolve with new technologies and user requirements.

Key Benefits:

• Smart - The design of the cabinet is extremely flexible. For instance, the interior is built to be adjusted in 3 dimensions, the roof is completely modular providing more space and flexibility for managing top of rack infrastructure.
• Solid -The Nexpand platform consists of light but solid doors and frame that comfortably bear the weight of IT equipment. The sturdiness, the full integration of the locking system and the cabling are unique on the market.
• Secure - Nexpand guarantees the highest level of security by interfacing with the best platforms for electronic door locking, including high security cable management integrated in the door and tamper proof door mechanisms. Everything to keep your precious IT-equipment safe.
• Sustainable - Sustainability is both embedded in the design of the product as well as in its functionality. Choice of environmentally friendly materials and processes for production and assembly are guaranteed using a so called “Eco passport” – Profile Environmental Passport. The cabinets have been designed in such a way that during its use, they ensure optimal airflow management resulting in a best in class energy efficient solution.

What tangible impact has your product/solution had on the market and your customers?

The new digital revolution has resulted in an ever-increasing amount of data, faster processing speeds, larger storage requirements, and an exponential rise in IoT and artificial intelligence. This has led to growth in the demand for edge/micro data centres and created new challenges when it comes to future-proofing data centre infrastructures. The innovative Nexpand cabinet platform offers the next level in data center infrastructure, to help the market cope with these challenges.

Nexpand is a huge leap forward for our customers. The smart design has a tangible impact on the data centre manager as it offers them the space to accommodate whatever comes next. Data centers must accommodate IT infrastructure in the most effective way possible and Nexpand allows them to take advantage of a highly scalable platform that can evolve with changing circumstances, demands and requirements. Nexpand has the flexibility to grow and develop along with changing infrastructure needs, meeting both current and future requirements.

What are the major differentiators between your product/solution and those of your primary competitors?

A smart design was one of the main requirements in developing the Nexpand cabinet platform. During the design we constantly looked to expand possibilities and provide high levels of scalability. The functionality has been seamlessly integrated into the aluminium frame providing a fully integrated platform.

Smart: (
• Efficient, Modular Extension: For the interior of the server cabinet, aluminium extrusions are used, in which mounting rails are installed that are adjustable in the full width and depth. All the accessories can be mounted flexibly across all three dimensions and infinitely adjusted. In that way, the interior of the server cabinet can be custom designed without being dependent on specific holes or modular dimensions of holes. These holes would also negatively impact air tightness.
• Easy Maintenance: Another unique property is the option to mount and remove all the accessories and components located in the cabinet from the inside. That means that – even if a cabinet is bayed or is closed – it is easy to change, remove or add practically everything from inside. System administrators or data center managers in particular can benefit tremendously from the flexibility that the interior offers. The interior makes cable management, adding components and making changes much easier.
• Integration: Within the new cabinet it is easy to add intelligent locks, power distribution units and sensors which make it possible to remotely monitor your data center and cabinets. This enables users to stay in control (remotely) of the condition of the IT equipment and the environmental factors in the cabinet that relate to air humidity, temperature and air circulation. Smart products from the Legrand portfolio can perfectly be integrated into our server and network cabinet platform. In this way, we deliver a total solution with which we can meet your every need.
• Smart Top-of-Cabinet Design: The amount of cabling in cabinets has increased considerably. To be able to continue to meet the changing needs, we have developed a cabinet with a smart, optimized design. For example, the top-of-cabinet section offers the ultimate in flexibility due to modular roof inserts and adjustable profiles, optimizing accessibility for cables and positioning of PDUs.

Solid: (
• Unique Door Design: The full integration of the locking mechanism and cabling (in case of smart lock) are unique. The integration of these systems offers better protection for the cabling. Specifically, this prevents people working on the cabinet from bumping into the cabling and causing damage. It is also easier to mount and remove the door, which can be useful during work in the cabinet. The door can also be easily reversed to make the door right-opening rather than left-opening.
• Light and Solid Frame: The light and solid aluminium frame offers ultimate flexibility because mounting and T-slot rails are placed in aluminium extrusions. In that way, the interior of the cabinet can be perfectly adjusted to the user’s requirements without being dependent on certain holes or modular dimensions of holes. It is therefore possible to install all the accessories that are intended for cabling or for holding IT equipment in exactly the spot where it can be used most effectively. It is important that the interior is easily adjustable – because not all the IT equipment that is placed in a cabinet is always delivered with the same standard dimensions. Another unique property of the interior is the option to mount and remove all the accessories and components located in the cabinet from the inside. That means that – even if a cabinet is bayed or is closed – it is easy to change, remove or add practically everything from inside.

Secure: (
• High Level Access Security: The design of our server and network cabinets offers the possibility to use not only standard mechanical locks (such as cylinder locks), but also smart locks. Smart locks can be opened remotely or enable the user to remotely monitor who was in the cabinet at what time. As an option you can use a camera system. Some locks also offer the possibility to grant someone access remotely – whether temporarily or otherwise – to the cabinet. These types of locks often entail the requisite cabling, which can be perfectly integrated into our door thanks to the duct which is integrated in the door. All the areas of the cabinets can also be locked from the inside using standard key locks to ensure that they cannot be opened from the outside. All these points ensure high level access security.

Sustainable: (
• Preventing Cool Air Leakage: Sustainability is both embedded in the design of the Nexpand server cabinet as well as in its functionality. It is extremely important that air leakage and recirculation is minimized so that the cool air is guided exclusively through the IT equipment. To do this, the space between the frame of the cabinet and the steel profiles (in which the IT equipment is installed) must be perfectly sealed. In that way, the separation between the hot and cold airflows can be optimized. To do this, airflow management packages can be used that consist of a bottom, top, left and right plate. These plates connect the cabinet with the profiles in which the IT equipment is installed, increasing the energy efficiency and providing best in class air tightness.

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