Xerus Technology Platform
Raritan, a brand of Legrand
Data Centre PDU Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
What are your product's/solution's key distinguishing features and/or USP?

The Xerus Technology Platform is a combination of hardware and software technologies embedded in all Raritan intelligent PDUs (in addition to branch circuit monitors, transfer switches, sensors and inline meters). It helps maximize data center efficiency by delivering security, high compute power, advanced alerting, and complete visibility into the power chain.
• Xerus Firmware is designed exclusively by Raritan engineers, which allows for continuous innovation to address the rapidly changing needs of the data center
• The firmware is battle tested, proven technology that supports thousands of data centers around the world
• The open, interoperable architecture fosters nimble and future-proof application development

Key Benefits:

Xerus brings real-time insights and advanced monitoring to help identify problems before they occur:
• Collect and act on potentially thousands of metering data points across your facility
• Increase visibility into business impacting errors and hazardous environmental conditions
• Get alerts and notifications on excessive power usage or extreme conditions before they impact uptime

Delivering Unparalleled Security:
Xerus improves security across your entire infrastructure with the latest network security protocols, advanced data encryption methods, strong password policies, and login protection.
• Meet enterprise-level IT security requirements
• Secure and encrypt any and all device communications
• Control user access to guard against errors and malicious intents
• Protect against breaches and stay ahead of potential threats

What tangible impact has your product/solution had on the market and your customers?

Xerus is a developer-friendly platform that allows easy automation and seamless data transfer directly into any BMS or DCIM software. This has a tangible impact on the data center manager as it helps them save time and better understand critical power, environmental, and asset data, simplifying their path to efficient DCIM.
• Aggregate critical infrastructure data into any DCIM, CMDB, or BMS software
• Seamlessly discover, import, and control devices by energy management software
• Leverage developer tools to create your own custom functionality

1. Easy CMDB, DCIM or BMS Asset Provisioning:
For both enterprise and colocation deployments, users often have to commission IT assets and power units into a 3rd party CMDB or DCIM software. Users equipped with Raritan can automate this commissioning process across their operation and automatically name outlets, set custom metering thresholds, and control/power cycle outlets on their PDUs. Using Xerus Open APIs with JSONRPC or LUA scripting, users can transfer commands to their PDU devices directly from their CMDB, DCIM or BMS. A wide variety of programming languages can be used in conjunction, and Raritan engineering can provide custom scripting support services.
2. Labs Equipment Commissioning Made Easier:
In the case of provisioning power into a lab to test equipment, users will be able to remotely and automatically switch-on power to their equipment at certain predetermined hours, correlating the PDU outlets to their specific schedule. This level of automation is achieved using Raritan’s Xerus platform SDK with pre-existing automation rules.
3. Access-Through Ticketing System:
Users utilizing ticketing systems can leverage API support in their PDU (or KVM/Serial console) in order to access and control specific troubled assets directly from their ticketing system. Thus, gaining time and facilitating the customer interaction while gaining a single command interface and solving issues.
4. Facilitating Commoditization of Services for Colocation:
Using Xerus, colocation providers can develop a single portal for all customers to access and control their assets. Any tenant or customer can access or provision assets and control power from the colocation service menu, without needing direct access to the various management systems normally required. This type of automation and gateway deployment provides unique power control flexibility to Colocation tenants while facilitating accurate charge-back models.

What are the major differentiators between your product/solution and those of your primary competitors?

Xerus is the most sophisticated technology platform on the market, delivering reliability and continuous uptime for our customers with battle-tested firmware that has successfully withstood billions of hours of runtime in the world’s most data intensive environments. Data centers must accommodate IT infrastructure in the most effective way possible and Xerus allows them to take advantage of a solid platform that can support the evolving data center.

• Xerus firmware upgrades released regularly to support the evolving data center
• Extensive device regression testing ensures the highest levels of uptime, security, and longer IT asset life cycles
• Innovations through market and customer feedback delivers the most pertinent application to fuel and future-proof business growth and architecture

Please supply any supportive quotes and/or case study materials to demonstrate the value of this product/solution to your customers/partners.

Leveraging Raritan Xerus platform, eBay was able to implement new WIFI connectivity to their existing PDU infrastructure, avoiding unnecessary wiring between each unit across a major data center. Raritan retroactively updated each PDU Firmware in the production environment without cutting down power and added the functionality quickly.

Using Raritan PDUs with Xerus Firmware, AT&T was able to deploy a new Asset management system, directly plugged into their Intelligent PDUs. Asset management strips allowed the customer to create a single source of truth database for all their IT assets deployed in the field and link this data to each server power consumption and temperature/humidity environment. Xerus was the centralizing software to contextualize all this data and export it into AT&T’s BMS tool.

US Government Agencies:
Raritan Xerus provides the most advanced network security package on the market, and evolved to provide TLS1.3 support, demanded by multiple governmental agencies. Also adding certificate management and tracking to enable these agencies to monitor the state of their internal network strength and do better reporting.
Xerus also provides Open APIs out of the box, like LUA or JSON RPC, enabling the end user to completely alter the code of each hardware unit to their own benefit, feature enabling the Government’s unique data communication and reporting needs.

For further information on Xerus, please visit: https://www.raritan.com/xerus

Nominator/Nominee details:
Company: Raritan, a brand of Legrand
Name: Edwin de Boer
Job Title: Senior Marketing Manager, EMEA
Telephone: +31 102844056
Email address: edwin.deboer@legrand.com
Website: www.raritan.com
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