North West Ambulance Service (NHS Trust) Data Centre
New Design/Build Data Centre Project of the Year
Entry Description
Company: North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust
Location: Liverpool, Lancashire
Industry: NHS

To consolidate three sites into one and to improve on the organisation’s existing data centre infrastructure quality. To overcome a weight distribution issue as the Data Centre needed to be located on the first floor.

The INFINITI team not only had to overcome the challenges brought about by the amalgamation of live sites and the first floor location but as the NWAS is part of the UK’s emergency call centre network, it was critical to ensure that the Data Centre did not suffer any downtime during construction or in the future should the power in the area go out. The timeframe for this project was eight weeks.

Project details:
This required a company with exceptional experience and expertise in the fields of Data Centre Design who could also advise throughout the process and deliver with full compliance a hassle-free installation.

The NWAS required a company that could deliver a team they could trust to work under strict authorization and privacy, one who would not only tick all the compliance boxes but would also be able to complete the work within the given timeframe and budget.
Work included:
• Design and Build of a new Tier 3 high density disk data centre (running more than 10KW per cabinet) in a brand new office space
• Design and installation of a steel subframe within the raised flooring to support the load
• Provision of 100kVA UPS system configured as 2N, bypass panel and electrical systems, design and build of electric systems
• Highly efficient direct cabinet cooling design
• Installation of fire suppression systems and Environmental Monitoring System
• Specialist guidance throughout the process

Benefits included:
• A deep understanding of the work required from the initial scope document
• A highly visible, approachable and friendly team
• A successful long-term virtualized solution to support future expansion
• Easy management and efficiency
• Current and future compliance – meeting global standards and regulations now and in the future
• A competitive solution that met timescales and budget requirements
• No disruption to business

INFINITI completed the project to specification, within budget and most importantly, within the short deadline involved. The client was able to move to their new location and move into their new offices on time and with as little disruption as possible.
“INFINITI not only completed the desired work within the budget and time given but, overcame the weight issue as we wanted to locate our Data Centre on the first floor. Top professional work!” - Overseeing Project Manager

“Designing and expanding a high-density data centre within the NHS sector in record time posed a unique set of obstacles and challenges. This data centre construction project is a testament of what can be achieved when both client and contractor work together in tandem.” - Peter Sands, Managing Director, INFINITI
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